Monday, March 14, 2011

March Madness Bracket Challenge

Girls, do you have what it takes to challenge my sports knowledge?
Guys, can you let your ego be bruised by some fashion-loving girl?

Prove to me that I'm not the best at March Madness. Two years ago, I predicted a UNC / Michigan State championship game and a UNC win (winning my dad's work pool), & last year, if it wasn't for Kentucky going 0-20 at the 3-point line, I would have won again.

So now that I have this blog, I have a place and people to share my March Madness skills with other than my own home and I'm creating a March Madness challenge for all of my C&C readers (both guys & girls!) and their friends.

1. Sign into / create an ESPN account at (it's free & easy)
2. Fill out a March Madness Bracket
3. Join my pool (Cleats & Couture) -- no fee, it's FREE!
4. Watch the games & see how you do!

1. One entry per person -- anyone with more than one is disqualified
2. It is a locked pool, meaning once the tournament starts, you can't change anything
3. If you want to play just for fun, you're more than welcome, but if you're in it for the prize at the end (yes there is one if you're No. 1!), then make sure to comment on the bottom of this post letting me know that you've entered & what your entry name is (ESPN auto-creates them to be your username with a 1 after it). This is just to ensure a winner is someone who reads my blog (you can remain anonymous if you'd like!).

First place gets (obviously) bragging rights and a prize from me (what it is depends on whether you're a guy or a girl). If I win, well you'll obviously hear about it =).

I will post my bracket on the bottom of this page the day the tournament starts (don't want to give anyone a sneak peak into my knowledgeable ways), so make sure to check back to take a look at who I picked to go all the way. It will also be viewable to anyone in the Cleats & Couture pool at



  1. Quincy LandinghamMarch 14, 2011 at 7:55 PM

    Im in it for the prize. My entry is "Bucky Did your Mom" in honor of my Wisconsin Badgers

  2. Let's see what ya got...

    Logan -

  3. The winner has just joined


  4. Ok! I'm in! This should be fun!

  5. my name is jordan. I want bright blue pumps

  6. Derik is here and my father said to request $200,000 dollars but remember I do not know anything about it

  7. legends never die > i didn't feel like creating my own login so i'm borrowing one


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