Sunday, March 6, 2011

NCAA Lacrosse: No. 15 Duke takes down No. 3 Maryland; Syracuse defeats UVA while both ranked No. 1

What a weekend for the NCAA lacrosse world! The weekend kicked off Friday night, with a match-up of the two No. 1 teams (according to the Coaches Poll), Syracuse and UVA. With a crowd of nearly 15,000 people, the game remained close throughout (with never more than a three goal lead). In the end, it was clear that the Syracuse seniors were hungry for a win and they came with their heads a little bit more into it. It also doesn't hurt to have the Bratton twins on your side. Final score: Syracuse 12, UVA 10.

The weekend continued with a great win for the No. 15 Duke Blue Devils defeating No. 3 Maryland in overtime. Duke really needed that win after losing to Penn (and losing to UNC in basketball). This game also stayed close and it ended up going into overtime, giving Duke the final goal. Final Score: Duke 9, Maryland 8.

In other lacrosse news and scores, No. 8 Johns Hopkins fell to No. 10 Princeton for the first time in 45 years with a score of 8-3 (thank god) and No. 19 Army took down the No. 6 Cornell team 11-9. Not surprisingly, No. 4 Notre Dame defeated No. 16 Drexel 11-7, and No. 9 UMass defeated No. 20 Brown with a score of 9-6.

If I had to predict the rankings after this weekend, I think it'd look something like this:

1. Syracuse
2. UVA
3. Notre Dame
4. Hofstra
5. Maryland
6. Stony Brook
8. Cornell
9. UMass
10. Loyola
11. North Carolina
12. Duke
13. Ohio State
14. Johns Hopkins
15. Army
16. Yale
17. Denver
18. Penn
19. Drexel
20. Brown

Don't quote me on that, because there are obviously generous leaps in both directions. But I do think it's possible. Games I'm excited to watch next week:

3/11: North Carolina at Princeton
3/12: Cornell at Virginia
3/13: Notre Dame at Denever

Any ranking predictions from you? How far up do you think Army deserves to go for taking out Cornell, and how far down the list should JHU drop?

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