Thursday, March 24, 2011

NCAA Lacrosse: Was Syracuse vs. Johns Hopkins The Right Outcome?

The greatest upset of the season almost took place this weekend.

Keyword being almost.

Johns Hopkins was tied with No. 1 Syracuse 4-4 at the end of regulation. Then, JHU did the unthinkable: they scored first. Click here to watch the unbelievable play that they made, that was then called a no-goal by the officials because you aren't allowed to land in the crease (the semi-circle around the goal) when you're shooting. The key to that is you aren't deliberately allowed to (you can't dive and fall into the crease), but if you're pushed or fouled into it, the goal should still be allowed. Upon replay, it seems clear that the shooter fell into the crease due to being almost tackled by a Syracuse player. That being said, the goal should have been allowed, and the game should have been over. At the very least, there should have been a foul on Syracuse and JHU would have had a 30-second man-up advantage. But the goal was disallowed, the first overtime ended, and Syracuse wasted no time scoring the first goal in double OT. Do I particularly like Johns Hopkins? No. But do I think the right call was made? No. Syracuse didn't win that game.

Aside from that chaos, there were a lot of changes in rankings due to some upsets this weekend. Even though the top three remained, the rest come to us in a new order.

1. Syracuse
2. UVA
3. Notre Dame
4. Duke
5. Maryland
6. UNC
7. Villanova
8. Hofstra
8. Army
10. Cornell
11. Johns Hopkins
12. Stony Brook
13. Penn
14. UMass
15. Denver
16. Albany
17. Bucknell
18. Harvard
19. Yale
20. Ohio State

The reasons for these jumps? Penn State took down UMass, Stony Brook lost to Towson, Hofstra lost to Deleware and Penn defeated Princeton (dropping them from the rankings entirely). Even with Johns Hopkins loss to Syracuse (who is number one team in the country), I don't think they should be sitting at 11 with Villanova at 7 (and yes, why is Villanova at 7?). I am, however, glad to see Army moving up in the rankings.

Weekend Game Watch:

3/26: North Carolina at Maryland (12:00pm EDT)
3/26: Penn at Cornell (1:00pm EDT)
3/26: Virginia at Johns Hopkins (2:00pm EDT)
3/26: Syracuse at Villanova (7:00pm EDT)

PS: A little plug for my (current) school! Alabama Lacrosse has just started to take off, and they would really love your support. They are playing a game this Friday (3/25) against Tennessee at 7pm, and then next weekend against Ole Miss (Friday 4/1 at 7pm) and Georgia (Sunday 4/3 at 1pm). Should be some great games! ROLL TIDE!


  1. Can't wait to watch some Bball this weekend!

  2. My bracket just went up in flames! Looks like a C&C reader will be taking home the prize!


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