Saturday, March 26, 2011

Race To The Courthouse Law Week 5K

Law Week is basically another homecoming for law students minus the float: an excuse to get drunk every night, buy multiple t-shirts depicting your love for parties, a giant crawfish boil, and of course, law prom. This year, with law prom being pushed back until next weekend, law week ended with a charity 5K this morning. The race was called "Race to the Courthouse", where we ran what ended up being 3.7 miles (it was an unregistered 5K) to the new Tuscaloosa courthouse and back, all while actually chasing an ambulance. Cute, right? I know, we're so creative.

So now that I've done my exercise for the day (week/month, I mean I am a 1L), I am locked in my apartment with my four-shot venti caramel macchiato under a tornado watch for the rest of the afternoon while writing the worst brief known to man.

 Thanks to everyone who came out and helped with the 5K so early this morning! We appreciated your help and the ABA and SBA couldn't have done it without you!

PS: March Madness update: So Duke is out, and that means I am too. My predictions for the Final Four (like that's relevant at this point, right?): Butler, UConn, Kansas, Kentucky. I'm right in the middle of my pool, & our top 3 people right now that entered via C&C are: 

1. Cameron F. (Kentucky)
2. Logan M. (UConn)
3. Quincy L. (but with a Texas champion pick, I don't think you can pull this one off...)

Good luck boys!

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