Friday, March 18, 2011

The Results Are In!

WOW! I'm so glad the fashion quiz got such a great response! With almost 200 people taking it (196 to be exact as I write this), you ladies were all across the board! Per your requests, I'm going to display all seven fashion-types with their descriptions, as well as the percentage of people who selected each answer. Enjoy!

Cute & Classic (37%)
(the number one answer!)

A v-neck, an old but fitted pair of jeans, and casual flats are probably staples in your wardrobe. A minimalist look that can easily be played chic, cute & casual has a lot of room to add fun pieces to your closet.

Try bold, red lips (Dior Rouge Dior lipstick is wonderful) or a bright purse (Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock) to add some color & life to the usual decor.

True Classic (20%)
Simplicity, clean lines, solid colors, think Audrey Hepburn meets the present. You most likely have more LBDs than you can count and if you're like most of the true-classic girls out there, you stick to the basics, but you make sure they're high-end designs.

Add a little bit of spice to your style with a pair of colored pumps from Steve Madden or an Urban Decay shadow palette with fun, bright colors to make any of your classic outfits into a statement.

Trend Tracker (12%)
You're the one your friends go to when they need a shopping partner or someone to put an outfit together for them out of the leftovers from last season. You're always up on the latest trends, be it this season's colors, styles, or materials.

What advice to tell the girl that has it all? Create your own trends! Try matching a floral headband with a dressed-up look, or pick an off-the-wall color (like an electric blue) and rock it out in an unexpected season like winter.

Pretty Pretty Princess (11%)
 You are the epitome of sugar, spice, and everything nice. You're a girly-girl, and your closet is adorned with bows, pearls, and of course, pink. You wouldn't be caught dead trying to look like anything less than American royalty.

Want to surprise people? Put an edge on your sugar and spice with an over-sized animal cuff bracelet (like a snake or tiger) & a pair of cage heels.

Accessory Obsessed (10%)
Your personal style comes from pairing fairly plain articles of clothing (and by plain we mean nice, but mostly solid colors & no prints) with A LOT of fun and vibrant accessories.

An easy way to change your look? Try buying things that can be worn several ways, which saves money and works wonderfully with your style, like the American Apparel bandeau dress AND the American Apparel circle scarf. They both come in so many colors and ways to wear, the possibilities are endless.

Southern Belle (6%)
 Big derby hats, polo dresses, and pearls make up a majority of your closet, and you live for it. You and your nearest Vera Bradley store are probably pretty good friends as well. Your wardrobe is mostly spring and summer clothes that can be worn year-round (since the temperatures by you probably don't drop below 40), and the closest thing you own to a winter jacket is a Patagonia rain slicker.

Change up your wardrobe with some fun AUTUMN things! Boots and scarves aren't just for northerners. Check out Burberry's collection of classic plaid scarves & grab a pair of riding boots to compliment your summer sundresses & turn them into fall ensembles.

Boho Chic (5%)
Hippie meets the 21st century, your closet is definitely full of playful florals, peace signs, and earth tones. Most likely, you stick to cute ballet flats or beaded sandals, and you rock a boho chic look that would make Nicole Richie proud.

The best way for you to spice up your closet is most likely with some killer nude heels (stilettos go with everything) which are edgy, but still match the color palette of your closet, as well as some bolder statement jewelry pieces that go out of the scope of your usual piece signs.

Next on the horizon: makeup! Stay tuned!


  1. LOVE the style pics for all! Especially the cute and classic!


  3. DUH, cause I obviously made that one just for you!

  4. omgoodness. I swear i commented on this already? it's either not showing or maybe i did it wrong? any-who. I usually don't ever find one to relate to because usually choices on quizzes are always extreme polar opposites but i must say ,this quiz was really well designed. Cute&Classic is mos def me! Thanks for your comment on Japan. Glad you donated! BBA hollaaa!

  5. That makes me really happy to hear!! I tried really hard to make a lot of choices and really have them be subtle differences, because when it comes down to it, girls are all alike :)



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