Thursday, March 17, 2011

Who's Going To Take Down The Net?

The Cleats & Couture March Madness Bracket Challenge is officially underway! 

The contestants:

Quincy L.
Taylor F.
Logan M.
Will S.
Nate W.
Will D.
Hannah B.
Casey B.
Jordan E.
Derik A.
Cameron F.
Taylor M.
and of course, me!

I said I would post my bracket for everyone to see, so here it is, but I'll fill you in on some of the juicy details so you don't have to sift through it yourself.

I have 12 upsets picked in the real first round:
(12) Clemson over (5) West Virginia
(11) Marquette over (6) Xavier
(12) Memphis over (5) Arizona
(13) Oakland over (4) Texas -- major upset!
(11) Missouri over (6) Cincy
(10) Penn State over (7) Temple
(9) Illinois over (8) UNLV
(12) Richmond over (5) Vanderbilt
(9) ODU over (8) Butler
(12) Utah State over (5) Kansas State
(11) Gonzaga over (6) St. John's
(10) Michigan State over (7) UCLA

Some of those to me were no-brainers -- (MSU, Penn State, Illinois, Missouri), but a couple a decided to make the ballsy move (Clemson, Oakland, Utah State). I seem to have a knack for these things (ask my guy friends how many of them asked me for bracket advice this year), so we'll see how the first round plays out in the next two days.

My final 4: (1) Duke, (2) UNC, (1) Kansas and (3) BYU -- no, I don't believe in Pitt.
Duke and Kansas are going to play for the Championship, and my Blue Devils will be the team cutting down the net on April 4th.

Also, incase anyone was wondering, I only make one bracket and enter the same one in all my pools. I've found that when I make multiple, brackets I entered in one pool would have done significantly better in another, and I end up kicking myself for it.

Go big or go home.

Good luck to all the C&C March Madness Challenge participants


  1. Watch out for UConn... they're on fire right now. That makes them dangerous!

    Logan -

  2. Ahhhh only time will tell! I'm having fun with this!

  3. I'm getting my BUTT kicked. Good luck everyone!



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