Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Christian Louboutin Sues Yves Saint Laurent Over Red-Soled Stilettos

Because of my extensive knowledge of fashion and my studies in law school, I found this particular topic esepcially amusing. Apparently Christian Louboutin, the designer who brought the world the famous red-soled stilettos, is suing also world-reknowned designer Yves Saint Laurent for adding red soles to some of the stilettos in his Spring 2011 collection.

Louboutin claims there is virtually no difference between the soles of his stilettos and the soles on Saint Laurent's Spring line. Louboutin has been designing stilettos (and quite frankly, all of his shoes) with red soles for some time, starting when he painted the soles of one pair with red Chanel nailpolish. It's worth noting that he got this design trademarked in 2008.

Basically, Louboutin contends that his red soles have a distinct mark of prestige associated them, making it unfair for Yves Saint Laurent to copy the idea. Saint Laurent's line includes a pair of red peep-toed pumps with red soles, as well as green pumps with green soles, navy blue pumps with navy blue soles, and purple pumps with purple soles.

Initially, I was under the impression that all of Yves Saint Laurent's Spring 2011 line had red soles, but when I heard it was only one pair, I laughed a little at Louboutin's insecurity. Then I saw the shoes, and laughed even more. The people that would care enough to know the difference between a Louboutin and an Yves Saint Laurent stiletto will, especially in this case.

The shoes on the left are Louboutin and the shoes in the center and on the right are Yves Saint Laurent. First, Louboutin is very well know for stick-thin stilettos. It's obvious from the back of the Saint Laurent shoe that the stiletto size is not the same. While Louboutin is very well known for a peep-toe heels, he doesn't commonly design suede stilettos (they usually have the leather shine). I think that if Yves Saint Laurent's entire line had red soles, that could be something Louboutin could gripe about, since I will concede that I automatically think of him when I see red soles. However, considering that it is one pair, and that it is clear it's in a distinct line of shoes with other colored soles, I think Louboutin needs to cool his jets. Besides, he's suing for $1,000,000 in damages, which is only really like 500 pairs of his more expensive stilettos. I think for that kind of money, he's obviously just trying to make a point to everyone, but he's really just drawing undue negative attention to himself.


  1. I freaking love this. Thanks for sharing this story! I wouldn't know anything about this and I love your analysis of the situation! It's such a dumb lawsuit. Like, it's just the color of the shoe all around! Great post my fellow BBA!

  2. Wow. I completely agree with you! What a dumb lawsuit!

  3. Thanks girls! I know, it blows my mind what people go through these days to make a point! xox

  4. Laughed a little! :p seems a little silly! nice blog btw! :)


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