Tuesday, April 5, 2011

UConn Defeats Butler in Dullest NCAA Championship Game Ever

I was really excited for the prospect of Butler winning the National Championship after making it to the game last year and doing it again this year, and if nothing else, I thought it would at least be a game worth watching. In reality, however, it was incredibly painful to watch and almost put me to sleep. According to ESPN.com, these horrific statistics came from this game:

(a) 26.1% (teams combined field goals made) = worst in a title game since 1948
(b) Fewest total points in a title game since 1949 (94 points)
(c) Butler's three 2-point field goals (yes, three) = fewest ever in an NCAA tournament game

And as Pat Forde so eloquently put it: "...we got to watch a coach on probation accept the national championship trophy from an athletic director under investigation."


While the championship game was one of the most boring on record, the C&C pool moved all over the place until finally settling on our winner (who actually chose UConn to win the National Championship). Congratulations to Logan M., who chose a Starbucks gift card as his prize. Congratulations, Logan! Hopefully I don't have to eat my words so badly next year...


  1. Ahh what a boring game!
    Hopefully better match next year!

  2. I know -- hopefully we'll have another C&C pool!


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