Monday, April 11, 2011

What Will I Be Wearing In Dallas?

When I moved to Tuscaloosa and attended my first day of law school orientation, I had the pleasure of being assigned to a lunch group with one of my now-good friends (little did I know he was actually a gremlin in disguise). When he found out that I was a diehard Michigan fan, he vehimently insited that by the time I graduated from law school, I would bleed crimson and white. He then prompted me with what was supposed to be a tough question: "You're a 3L (third year law student), and Bama is playing Michigan. What colors are you wearing?" My immediate thought and response was "well, they're never going to play each other so that's totally irrelevant." But I then obviously followed up with "maize and blue 'til I die."

The subject was laid to rest for a few more weeks until mid-fall, when the announcement of all announcements was made: the Michigan Wolverines would be playing the Alabama Crimson Tide in the 2012 season opener at Jerry World in Dallas, Texas.

Talk about eating my words (the only time I will ever admit Mitchell Moorer was right).

So, now that this is a reality (and I couldn't be more excited), all of my friends and I are extensively planning the roadtrip of our law school career. And the answer to the big question:
What will I be wearing in Dallas in 2012?

Let's say I won't go as undergrad-pregame as this...

... or as southern-belle as this.

I'd say there is a wonderful happy medium between the two styles in the form of a jersey.
As for the colors of the jersey...


For all of you Bama fans out there upset by this (obvious) decision, maybe I'll be converted enough as a 3L to the ways of a southern belle to wear these new heels I just purchased...

... kidding. Fat chance you catch me wearing 4 inch stilettos to a football game. But seriously, I did just get these. Does this resemble the winged helmet to anyone else? Obsessed.

Regardless of what I'm wearing, it will be maize & blue. My loyalty to Michigan runs much deeper than any other of my 23984 other teams (since, you know, I'm such a t-shirt fan).

See y'all in Dallas. GO BLUE.


  1. Haha good! Stick to your team! I am a die hard Buffalo Bills fan, even though they never win anything. Everyone thought that since they never win I should become fans of The St. Louis Rams, where I go to school... UM NO!
    Bills forever! HAHAHA

  2. I know right?! NO WAY I'm switching loyalties. <3 LOVE.

  3. have tons of fun in Dallas ive always wanted to go!

    stop by sometime<3

  4. where did you get those stilettos from my wife would love those GO BLUE!!!

  5. They're from! No fee to join - you just pay $39.95 for ANYTHING on the website (shoes, handbags, etc). Just sign up sometime in April because they're this months shoe!

  6. Gotta stick to your roots. I'm moving to colorado next month and will be in a sea of Avalanche fans but you know I'll be wearing that winged will till the day I die

  7. Absolutely, you know I'd kill you if I ever saw you walking around in an Avalanche Jersey #bloomfieldlove #importedfromdetroit



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