Monday, May 30, 2011

The Inevitable Demise of Jim Tressel & Ohio State Football

First off, I wanted to thank everyone for being so patient with me as I get back into the swing of writing posts again. It obviously hasn't been as frequent as I would like, but I promise I will be doing my best as things start to return to normal in Tuscaloosa and in my life.

What better way to start to get back in the swing of things than discussing the downfall of Michigan's biggest rival? The Ohio State University's famed and infamous head coach, Jim Tressel, resigned earlier today after shit hit the fan in a big way. In short, not only are there allegations that Tressel knew of six players selling memorabilia for tattoos, there are reports of potentially 22 other players doing the same over the course of Tressel's reign as head coach. It is also being said that many of the football players drove cars provided to them at deep discounts by boosters, among other things such as cash and jobs. There is a lot of detail in this story that I think everyone should know for a fuller picture, so I recommend you read the Sports Illustrated story here to get all of the information about it, mainly because I don't want to transpose details or verbatim copy their article.

However, I will say a few things about it. My first instinct was to laugh, say karma is a bitch & that they all had it coming. Tressel is a schmuck in a sweatervest & I couldn't be happier that he is finally getting what was coming to him after all these years. But part of me wants to be a little bit sad for the players who didn't know (if there are any) and really looked up to Tressel like the article states. I also want to be a little sad for the fans (as dumb as most of them are). While I know Michigan & OSU fans compare on absolutely no level, I can't imagine having the rug pulled out from underneath me to hear that the coach I supported for a decade was really a lying, power-hungry asshole.

But then I remember that they're Ohio State & I don't care that much. See ya never, sweatervest. 

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