Saturday, May 14, 2011

NCAA Lacrosse May Madness Tournament Is HERE!

The time-sensitiveness of this post makes it my first back since the tornado (I also intend on writing one about the Kentucky Derby), so strap in for some good lacrosse news.

Selection Sunday was last weekend, and I honestly don't think there were as many snubs and surprises as others do. I think Hofstra belonged in the tournament, and I'm obviously bias, but I'm okay with No. 3 Johns Hopkins pulling Hostra (just because I would love to see them lose first round). I'm also okay with UVA dropping to No. 7. The only team I think they could have been placed ahead of is Denver, but I'm glad the Selection Committee made that move and gave Denver No. 6. The biggest surprises to me are No. 8 UNC hosting an unranked Maryland. First of all, it's never happened that two teams from the same conference have played each other in the first round, and Maryland was ranked in the top 3 before they lost their game to Colgate. Just all-in-all a shocking turn of events for the Terps.

This is how the first-round schedule lays out:

Saturday May 14th
No. 3 Johns Hopkins vs. Hofstra, 12:00pm/11am central (ESPN2)
No. 4 Notre Dame vs. Penn, 2:30pm/1:30 central (ESPNU)
No. 5 Duke vs. Delaware, 5:00pm/4:00 central (ESPNU)
No. 2 Cornell vs. Hartford, 7:30pm/6:30 central (ESPNU)

Sunday May 15th
No. 8 UNC vs. Maryland, 1:00pm/12 central (ESPN)
No. 7 Virginia vs. Bucknell, 3:00pm/2:00 central (ESPNU)
No. 6 Denver vs. Villanova, 5:15pm/4:15 central (ESPNU)
No. 1 Syracuse vs. Siena, 7:30pm/6:30 central (ESPNU)

Obviously I would prefer the Duke game be aired on ESPN, but it's clear that they chose the best two games to air for those that don't have access to ESPNU (which is obviously not me... it was the first thing I checked for in my cable package).

This is how I see the bracket playing out:

Quarter Finals
2 Cornell vs. 7 UVA
Hofstra vs. 6 Denver
1 Syracuse vs. 8 UNC
4 Notre Dame vs. 5 Duke

Semi Finals
2 Cornell vs. 6 Denver
8 UNC vs. 5 Duke

6 Denver vs. 5 Duke


I know these are some ballsy/unlikely picks, but I have a lot of faith in Denver this year, and I obviously won't ever pick Duke not to win. The JHU game starts in 15 minutes, so throw your practice jersey on and plop yourself in front of your TV for the remainder of the day.
It's MAY MADNESS, and anything can happen.


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  3. I'll give you that, they played amazingly.


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