Sunday, October 28, 2012

College Football Undefeateds Get Shaken Up

We went into this weekend's games with 11 college football teams undefeated, and we left it with only six remaining undefeated, ensuring BCS madness in one of it's last existing seasons. (Rankings listed in this post are the rankings at the time the games were played yesterday).

The five undefeated teams that lost yesterday were all ranked higher than their opponents with the exception of Mississippi State. (2) Florida suffered a devastating loss to Georgia 17-9 with a fumble in the endzone. I think the outcome of this game really shocked everyone, especially considering Florida demolished South Carolina and South Carolina dominated Georgia. But down goes another undefeated in crazy college football fashion. (7) Oregon State was defeated late last night by Washington 20-17. I didn't get a chance to watch the game, but I know that it means one less undefeated in the running for BCS bowl games. (11) Mississippi State fell as expected to the number one ranked Alabama Crimson Tide. I know that their fans somehow thought that they had a chance against Alabama, but in my opinion, no one has a chance against them this year. They are very clearly in a league of their own.  (15) Rutgers fell to Kent State yesterday 35-23, dashing any hopes of a BCS game via an at large bid, as did (24) Ohio when they lost to Miami (OH) yesterday 23-20.

As for the last six standing: (1) Alabama took down (11) Mississippi State in what was almost another shutout for the Crimson Tide, and they are already looking to next weekend when they take on (6) LSU in Death Valley. (3) Kansas State is still the feel-good football story of the year, with a strong 55-24 win over (14) Texas Tech. (4) Oregon remains undefeated as well, as they put up 70 points on Colorado, for a 70-14 final score. Much to my chagrin, (5) Notre Dame took down (8) Oklahoma in Norman last night in a resounding 30-13 defeat. (9) Ohio State (unranked in the BCS because of their post-season ban) took down Penn State 35-23, and (16) Louisville beat Cincinnati in overtime 34-31.

While the new BCS rankings come out tonight, our new AP Top 5 are: (1) Alabama, (2) Oregon, (3) Kansas State, (4) Notre Dame, and (5) LSU. Rutgers, Michigan, and Ohio all dropped out of the AP Top 25 with their losses this weekend. And while we're on the subject of Michigan football, let's not be. Their game against Nebraska was utterly painful to watch with Denard out of the second half with an injury to his elbow. I'm really not sure how Russell Bellomy is our only backup option (what happened to Devin Gardner?), but I now understand why Brady never chooses to pull Denard when he isn't playing his best. Denard's worst is levels above Bellomy's best (or best that we've seen).

Notable games for next week: (1) Alabama vs. (5) LSU, (16) Texas A&M vs. (17) Mississippi State, and (2) Oregon vs. (18) USC.

What were the biggest shocks this weekend? Who do you think should be Top 5? Can anyone touch Alabama this year? Let me know what you think in a comment below!

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