Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Guess Who's Back...

... !!!

I know, I can't believe it either. After almost a year and a half hiatus, I am back in the blogosphere. Law school really started to take it's toll on my free time, & I had to take a break from writing for a while. But I was always so sad when a huge story would break in either the sports or fashion world that I wanted desperately to write about, and then I remembered I wasn't blogging anymore. So, here I am, back at it again.

Now I make no promises that I will be back in serious full-swing right away because I am taking quite a stacked semester of classes right now and somehow, we're already almost into November. But I obviously wanted to start writing again in the fall so that I didn't completely miss out on football season and my favorite season in general. I'm hoping that come Christmas break and into the spring semester, I'll have plenty of time to write before I start studying for the bar. I have some posts stocked up, but look for a couple posts a week until next semester. As a side note, how is it that law school has literally flown by & I'm already talking about taking the bar? I honestly feel like I just moved into my apartment in Tuscaloosa & I've already been there for 2+ years. Crazy thing, time is.

Anyway, I'm back & I hope y'all enjoy the new look of the site! Trying to keep it as clean and simple as possible while posting the same great content as before. And as an aside, thanks to all of you who encouraged me to start back up again. It was really awesome to have people come up to me or send me a message and tell me how much they missed my blog, and it certainly contributed to me coming back.

Enjoy, check out the new posts, and welcome [back] to the new & improved Cleats & Couture!

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