Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Michigan Football First in NCAA History to Break the 900 Win Barrier

In true Michigan football fashion these last few years, Saturday's game against Michigan State took several years off of my life. Of course, you can't get the 900th win & continue the tradition of being the winningest program in college football history without a little drama, right?

The 12-10 final score was reminiscent of a certain Notre Dame game last year, but it was the great defensive game this time that kept me pacing my kitchen. There is a reason I watch the Michigan games from the comfort of my own home. As my boyfriend can attest to, I look like an absolute lunatic as I scream, am close to tears, and hide behind chairs or blankets because I am terrified Denard might throw an interception.

Nevertheless, Saturday October 20, 2012 marked the first time any college football team in history broke the 900 win mark, and Michigan did it in one of the sweetest ways imaginable: taking back the Paul Bunyan trophy from Little Brother and getting the pleasure of shutting up the most annoying fans on the planet. I think that this excerpt from "Every College Football Fan" describes MSU's place in this rivalry quite well:


images: mgoblue.com


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