Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Roommate Invasion & Big Al = Great Success

Since I've been living in Tuscaloosa, I have always adored Big Al. I have a soft spot for mascots (Oregon's Duck is awesome, and if you haven't seen the Tampa Bay Lightning mascot, you should definitely youtube it right now). I think I must be deprived because Michigan doesn't have someone walking around in a wolverine suit on campus. Either way, ever since I moved here, I've wanted to get a picture with Big Al.

This weekend, I checked it off of my bucket list.

One of my best friends from college came down for the game this weekend, and we went on a hunt for Big Al on the quad before the game.

Taylor, Big Al & Me
We're BFFs, it's fine.
Besides Taylor flying in (for her second time since I've been here might I add, she loves me), 2 of Will's roommates from Texas A&M came in too, & it was great to see both of them.

A&M Roommates: Will, Jesse, & Doug
Alabama Roommates: Nick, Will, & Vish
1106 Hackberry family photo 2.0
 After getting all of the visitors the obligatory yellow hammers (the signature drink of Tuscaloosa) and game day BBQ at Big Bad Wolves, we headed to Bryant-Denny for the game and watched the amazingness of Johnny Manziel in person.

Taylor & me at Bryant-Denny
It was a great weekend with great friends, and I feel so blessed to have these fantastic people in my life.

All images are my own, taken with an iPhone 4

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