Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2012-2013 Bowl Season + Picks

The 2012-2013 Bowl Season is upon us & normally, I'm really excited about it. Aside from the start of college football in August and the beginning of March Madness, it's my favorite time of year for sports. This year's schedule, however, leaves much to be desired. An 8-5 Wisconsin team is going to the Rose Bowl (not that I'd prefer Ohio State...), Northern Illinois is going to the Orange Bowl, leaving Georgia and a host of other teams out of BCS bids, and Louisville is going up against Florida in the Sugar Bowl. The only interesting major BCS game besides the National Championship this year is Oregon vs. Kansas State, which was just a few losses away from being the National Championship game itself.

Either way, my family has a tradition every year of a bowl game picks competition. Nothing other than bragging rights are at stake, but I get my mom, dad, and sister's picks the day after Selection Sunday & put them into an Excel spreadsheet. This year, I'm putting them on the blog & holding everyone accountable.

Usually it's a competition between my dad & I, but my mom and sister have had some breakout moments the last few years. I distinctly remember during the 2010-2011 bowl season when I was in New Orleans for New Years Eve, Washington was playing Nebraska and I had mercilessly made fun of my sister for picking Washington... guess who won that game? Yup. Jodie also picks her teams on "which state she likes better", so there's that. The bolded lines are (obviously) the games where we all picked the same team, and I think the 11 games we have this year like that is a record.

I'm pretty confident in my picks, but we'll see how this bowl season shakes out. What do you think, any of my picks sure to go horribly wrong? Feel free to leave your picks in a comment below!


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