Sunday, December 2, 2012

Alabama Crimson Tide Defeat Georgia Bulldogs for 23rd SEC Championship; Move On To Play ND in BCS Title Game

In a game worthy of the SEC Championship, Alabama squeaked out a win against Georgia for their 23rd SEC title, and did it in dramatic fashion. The game was all Georgia's until the last two minutes of the first half, and Alabama went into the locker room with a 10-7 lead (scoring all 10 points in 1:51). The second half was much more scoring than the SEC is used to seeing, being such a defense-heavy conference. With a little over a minute left, Alabama had the lead and Georgia got the ball back for one final drive down the field. What happened next is only explainable by video:

All I can figure is that Murray was aiming for the endzone and CJ Mosely deflected it. Instinctively, the Georgia player caught the ball as it was coming at him, but he landed on the ground before he was out of bounds. That catch cost them the game.

What I don't understand is why Richt didn't run a play to spike the ball as soon as they got down that close to the endzone and stop the clock. It seemed poorly managed, and I really think that a spiked ball combined with Mosely not tipping the ball would have given Georgia the win. But Alabama really is God's team, there is no question about it. Bear Bryant was looking down on Nick Saban with a smile last night.

See y'all in Miami. RTR.

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