Monday, December 17, 2012

Top 5: Winter Nail Polishes

Since it is finally getting cold in Alabama (and by cold, I mean 50 degrees), & since we are less than two weeks out from Christmas, I wanted to share my top 5 favorite winter / holiday polishes with you! These are in no particular order & all of them are new this season, so they are all readily available for you to go out & purchase!
OPI - The World Is Not Enough
This is my absolute favorite polish from the new OPI James Bond Collection for the holidays. It is a darker, taupe version of "Designer, De Better" from the OPI Muppets Collection last year. It has micro-shimmer in it with green and red flecks that sparkle depending on what light you are in, & it's absolutely flawless.

Illamasqua - Creator
Illamasqua is by far my favorite "high-end" nail polish brand & I just recently discovered it. They are a British beauty brand and the only place I've ever found it sold in the US is at I recently purchased a blue color ('Cameo') and the formulation was to die for. I'm also fully not capable of putting on my own polish, but I was able to with this formula & brush. This specific polish is a black polish with bright silver glitter. You would expect it to look kind of cheap, but it looks so stunning on the nails. The closest dupe I could come up with is OPI's 'Baby It's Coal Outside', but it's a lot more muted than 'Creator' is on the nails.
OPI - Skyfall
OPI's 'Skyfall' is also obviously from the James Bond Collection this winter & it falls right into this year's 'oxblood' trend (stop trying to make oxblood happen, right Carly?). It's a dark wine, burgundy color with a cream finish. The perfect way to rock this trend without wearing it in your clothes.
Essie - Butler Please + OPI - Golden Eye
Essie's 'Butler Please' doesn't look like your stereotypical winter color, but it was released in Essie's Holiday 2012 Collection. I actually like a good winter blue, and a way to make it more holiday-friendly is to add a gold glitter on top of it. I'm always partial to blue & gold together (obviously), but the combination is beautiful. My suggestion for a gold polish is OPI's 'Golden Eye' from (you guessed it) the James Band Collection
Illamasqua - Throb
Everyone's holiday collection needs a classic red, & this one is perfect. Like I said before, Illamasqua's formulation is incredible, & if you're going to spend $14 on a polish, I highly recommend Illamasqua polishes before Butter London. I think Butter London has a better color selection, but if you like any of the Illmasqua colors, I would definitely say you should pick one up. This is the perfect red, especially during Christmas.

Those are my top 5 winter nail polishes! I have quite a colleciton, so it was hard to pick just five. What are some of your favorite polish colors for winter & the holiday season?


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