Saturday, January 26, 2013

MLK Weekend: Visiting Holly & My First Time in New York!

This past weekend, I took a mini vacation to visit my other 'little sister' Holly in Baltimore, Maryland. Aside from having the worst flight in the history of flights (I momentarily thought the plane might crash), I made it to Maryland safely to spend a few days with Holly, her family, and her cockapoo Macy. We casually went around downtown Annapolis all day on Friday (watch my Annapolis vlog to see our day) before Holly at some point realized I had never been to New York before.

.... so we booked tickets to New York (watch our vlog!) for early the next morning.

Our first stop? None other than David Yurman, where I made the first of two quarter-life-crisis-esque purchases.

It's similar to the Tiffany's braided/twisted ring, but this one is made with the signature David Yurman cable. It's called the Midnight Melange Stack Ring for anyone who is interested! I love it & will wear it everyday. 

I thought that was going to be my major purchase of the day, as Holly and I galavanted around Fifth Avenue. And then we got to the most beautiful place on earth... Bergdorf Goodman's, specifically their shoe department.

I promptly went to the Manolo Blahnik section and found my dream shoes, the shoes (the Carrie Bradshaw shoes as many of you know them), propped up on a glass shelf with a light shining on them (seriously). It was the first time I had ever seen them in person, and pictures don't even remotely do them justice. I had to try them on, and then this happened...

I know. I know. I know. I'm still sort of in shock. I couldn't even browse when we went into Henri Bendel's afterwards because I was still thinking about how I had to close my eyes as I signed the receipt. But they are my dream shoes that I've wanted for 3+ years, and a week after I came home, they are no longer on sale on the BG website (only the ones with the shorter heel are now). Either way, they are all mine & I couldn't be happier (even if I'm eating Raman for the rest of the semester).

As I walked around with my first Bergdorf's purchase on my arm, I felt so New York. Holly & I enjoyed the sights and sounds of NYC (she even bought her first little blue box!) and enjoyed Shake Shack for dinner.

New York was amazing and even though I came home broke, I can't wait to go back as soon as I can.

After getting home in the early hours of the morning and sleeping half the day away, Holly and I filmed a New York haul before heading into town to watch the Ravens game! Caught up with some old friends and met some new ones; it was a great night! (Especially for Holly, since the Ravens won).

Now I'm back in Tuscaloosa to really kick off my last semester of school ever. That feels really weird to say. I know have the links to some things above but incase you missed any of the videos related to this weekend...



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