Saturday, February 23, 2013

Guest Post: Sara of Pearls & Curls! The Do's/Don'ts of Women & Sports

I am so pleased & honored to have Sara of Pearls & Curls writing a special guest post for y'all today! This girl is an absolute sweetheart, and of course I love her because she shares my same love for both fashion and sports. Make sure to check out her blog here!


Hey y'all! I'm Sara and I blog over at Pearls & Curls! I was so excited when Jamie emailed me to guest post. I've loved her blog for a while and jumped at the opportunity to take over Cleats & Couture for a day! 

I've been around sports for my entire life. I attended my first Georgia Tech football, Kentucky football, and Kentucky basketball games before I was one year old. My Dad pulled me out of school every single year from 1st grade until my senior year of high school to attend the Atlanta Braves opening day. I spent 14 years on the soccer pitch. It’s in my blood and will always be an important part of my life.

That being said, I've learned a lot about sports through the years. I can keep up with the boys and I definitely pride myself on that. I realize that I’m definitely in the minority and a lot of girls weren't brought up with such a heavy sports influence. Some don’t care about sports at all, some know enough to get by, and then there are THOSE girls…the ones who pretend to be ESPN analysts for male attention.

Ladies, don’t be one of those girls. It’s not a good look. In fact, I urge you to read on and take my advice.

The DO's and DON'Ts

DO pay attention to the game
DON’T disregard the game and then act all airheaded and confused when something big happens.

DO sport your team's colorsDON’T wear pink team apparel.
The team has colors for a reason and they are NOT pink.
There are plenty of ways to still look fab in team colors, I promise.

DO enjoy tailgatingDON’T become a sloppy mess.
No one likes the girl who tries to go beer for beer with the guys and ends up
passing out in the stands or is MIA before kickoff.

DO cheer your heart out for the teamDON’T act uninterested in the whole event.
If you’re not going to cheer and support the team, why are you even there?

You've got the basics, now go on and give women sports fans a good name! 



  1. absolutely LOVE this post!! found you through a blog hop. can't wait to check out your blog more.



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