Monday, February 25, 2013

The Week in Photos [2/18-2/24]

Concept borrowed from Sara at Pearls & Curls, I thought it would be fun on Mondays to kind of recap the last week with any photos that may have gotten taken (or lets be honest, instagrammed).

My week started off fabulously when Nordstrom delivered my new baby: Tom Ford's Private Blend Lipstick in Black Orchid. This sucker was not easy to track down, but obviously I hunted far and wide.

On Thursday night, the SBA (Student Bar Association) hosted a themed bar tab: CMT vs. MTV. So everyone dressed up as someone you would see on either CMT or MTV. So I obviously pulled out my standby costume (my high school uniform) & went as Britney Spears circa 'Baby One More Time'.

and Emily went as Reba. By far my favorite.
To add to an already good week, I got my most recent purchase in the mail & couldn't be more excited.

Seriously, how amazing is this? They are still on sale in limited quantities here, but if you want one, I'd snatch it up fast! (Mine is white, but it's also available in a heather gray).

And finally, Saturday night was all about my dear friend Casey as we celebrated at an engagement party for her and her fiance Zach. I'm so excited to celebrate with them at their wedding in May!

Another big accomplishment for last week that I don't have any photographic proof of, was that my bar application was officially completed and mailed! I'm moving back to Michigan in June to sit for the July 2013 bar. My life is still pretty up in the air, but I'm glad to have that decision under my belt.

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