Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Night in Nashville

Spontaneous trips are right up there with about my favorites things in the entire world, so when my cousin Ryan invited me on Friday night to go to Nashville with him and a few of his friends from the military, there was no way I was saying no (not to mention Nashville is one of my all-time favorite cities).

Below are a few of the gems that got snapped throughout the night. For your viewing pleasure...

Anyone knows me knows that this about sums me up as a person.
Straight cheezin'.
Dinner at Big River Brewing Company
And thennnnnnnn we ended up here...
...which is why I look like this in this photograph. Struggle bus city.
But on the MAJOR plus side, I got myself a pair of genuine cowboy boots. My first pair!
Aside from the great time I had, my trip to Nashville helped ease my travel bug (at least temporarily). I am heading to New Orleans in a couple of weeks for my friend Casey's bachelorette party, and then before I know it, I'll be graduating & heading to Palm Harbor to visit Allyce. All I can say is 2013 has treated me as well as I could have hoped for, considering everything 2012 had in store for me.


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