Thursday, March 7, 2013

February [Beauty & Fashion] Favorites

I say that my favorites videos / posts are gonna be getting shorter because I can't afford to buy things... and then I buy things anyway. It's fine, I'm on this new diet called 'I spent all my money at Nordstrom so I literally can't afford to eat.' (right Shelby?) But without further ado, my February beauty & fashion favorites!

Revlon BB Cream in Light/Medium (get it here!)
I've been trying every BB cream on the market, so Revlon was next in line. I really enjoyed the consistency of this one and found it to be a bit thicker and gave more coverage than most of the other ones I've tried. It gives much more of a dewy finish than the L'Oreal BB cream, which on occasion I prefer. It comes in 3 different shades, and Light/Medium is the best shade for normal skin tones. This runs between $8-$11.

MAC Paint Pot in Vintage Selection (get it here!)
MAC came out with a new Pro Longwear line of paint pots, so I obviously had to get my hands on one. I read some reviews & decided that Vintage Selection would be my best choice. It's a shimmery champagne color (as if I don't have enough of those), but it is the most amazing all-over lid color. I was initially trying to find something to replace my limited edition paint pot in Nubile, and while this is not it, it's become one of my new favorite eyeshadows.

Jordana Fabuliner Liquid Eye Liner
I had heard about this liquid liner through the grapevine but could never find it because apparently, it's only sold at Walgreens. But I happened to be in a Walgreens earlier in February and picked it up, and I'm so glad I did. For $1.99, it is my absolute favorite felt-tip liquid liner, even beating out the NYX Super Skinny Marker that I rave about. If you're in a Walgreens, I definitely recommend picking it up, & I'd say it's worth the trip to Walgreens just to find it!

MAC Lip Pencil in Currant (get it here!)
I needed a dark lip pencil and after looking at some swatches online, I decided that this was the best color match. It's a deep red-purple color, and MAC makes my favorite lip liners so this was a no-brainer for me.

Tom Ford Private Blend Lipstick in Black Orchid
And here we have the holy grail of favorites, and by far my favorite beauty product of 2013. I hunted this lipstick down at a Nordstrom in Scottsdale and had them ship it to me. I fell in love with it when I saw it at the Tom Ford counter in Saks in New York and it had been on my mind ever since. It is definitely pricey, but it was worthy every penny in my opinion, especially because berry lip shades are my jam.

OPI 'Vant To bite My Neck?' 
This is a beautiful dark purple color from the new OPI 'Euro Centrale' collection. Dare I say it's even almost rivaling Lincoln Park After Dark as one of my favorite purple nail polishes ever. It's great for fall and winter, but I can pretty much guarantee I'll be wearing it year-round.

Pretty Polly Bow Tights (get them here!)
These tights are so cute and definitely pull an outfit together. They have a seem line going down the back of each leg and have a little black bow at each ankle. I absolutely love them and they look amazing with black pumps.

Southern Shirt Company Pullover (get it here!)
This has become one of my new favorite articles of clothing. This pullover is described as 'thicker than a tshirt but thinner than a sweatshirt', which I think is the perfect description. It has Southern Shirt Co. going across the back and down the sleeves, and comes in a wide range of colors. Southern Shirt Company was started by my friend Bryan who I went to law school with, and he has become very successful, selling his line all over Alabama & the south. If you live in Tuscaloosa, you can find his line at Kinnucan's or at his store. I highly recommend everything!

'Celine Me Alone' shirt by NYCPARIS (get it here!)
I saw this shirt on Pinterest and immediately fell in love / needed to have it.  I found it on NYCPARIS's blog shop, and was so excited when I saw it come back in stock. I got mine in white, but it also comes in a heather gray.

What are some of your beauty & fashion favorites from February? I can't believe we're almost in Spring!


  1. looove spirit jerseys! I have a Tri Delta one but want one from SSC too because they're so comfy. I've been using the Revlon BB cream too!

    1. The spirit jerseys are amazing! I want to get the yellow SSC one (Michigan colors, obviously). xoxxxxx

  2. Hello Jaime!

    I'm your newest follower after I saw your post onPearls & Curls. I am a Diorshow addict when it comes to mascara, but you've intrigued me with the switch to benefit! xx

    Amanda @

    1. OMG you totally should! I swore by Diorshow for years and years, and I'm so glad I've tested out other mascaras - especially Benefit's They're Real! xoxxx

  3. Found you via Sara. I can't wait to read all about your makeup finds!

    1. Hey girl! Thanks for reading! Just followed your blog, it's adorable!! xoxxx


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