Monday, June 10, 2013

Influenster Spring Fever VoxBox Opening & Review

I was sent the Spring Fever VoxBox by Influenster to test out and review some products for y'all! I'm super excited to be a part of this program, and I hope y'all understand and know that any reviews I give will be 100% my own and completely honest. I'm incredibly transparent in my writing and I intend to be that way with anything that I review. That being said, lets get started with the products!

Secret Outlast Clear Gel Antiperspirant / Deodorant
So I've actually used this deodorant before and while I like it, it isn't my favorite Secret product. I'm not crazy about clear gel deodorant (I use their extra-strength sport deodorant). But it dose smell great and if you like gel deodorant, I recommend checking it out! It retails for $4.59 and can be found at any of your local drug stores.

Broadway Nails ImPRESS Press-on Manicure
I was super skeptical of these, but after trying this pair, I'm completely sold. They're super easy to apply (the hardest part is picking the right size for your nails out of the options that they give you), and they're also super easy to take off. My only complaint was they're way longer than I would ever wear my nails, so I had to file them down a lot. Other than that, I loved them and I definitely will buy them again (the color I have is 'Just Say Yes'). They are sold for $5.99 - $7.99 in drug stores and come in a wide range of colors to try.
NYC New York Color Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm in Big Apple Red
I was pleasantly surprised with this product! I think it is a better (yes, better) version of the Revlon Lip Butters! They have a very similar color payoff to the lip butters, but are way cheaper ($2.99) and in my opinion, way more moisturizing. Each of them also have an apple-shaped center that is filled with Shea Butter and different moisturizing oils that are great for your lips. I'm definitely going to check out other colors!

Schwartzkopf Professional OSiS Rough Rubber Texturizing Paste
I don't have a huge need for a product like this because my hair is thin as it is, but it is great when I'm trying to make my curls more piecey. It is very similar to the Healthy Sexy Hair texturizing paste, but it is actually a little bit easier to work with and leaves a little bit of a more matte finish. It retails for $20.00 and can be found on various sites online.

Tastykate Kandy Bar Kakes
Described as "light and fluffy chocolate enrobed cakes with a delicious creme filling in a unique kandy bar shape." I'm not going to lie, these were not my cup of tea. It was pretty heavy and thick (not so light and fluffy in my opinion), and I just didn't think they were that good. I'm also not that into cake bars (like Twinkies), so if you are, you might like these a lot more than I do. Mine was in the S'mores flavor, but they also come in Peppermint and Peanut Butter, and are $4.49 per box.

Have y'all tried any of these products? Let me know what you think about them!

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