Friday, July 5, 2013

June 2013 [Non-Beauty] Favorites

TV Show: The O.C.
So I have sucked Ben into the wonderful world of The O.C. We're almost done with season three, & I can tell it has grown on him. He has yet to get over Captain Oats & Princess Sparkle, but other than that, I know that he loves it. Also, there is no one more amazing than Sandy Cohen.

Movie: Now You See Me
This is the magic movie with Isla Fisher and Jesse Eisenberg, and it was definitely awesome. I highly recommend seeing it - there's a surprise twist ending!

Sweet Food: Godiva Chocolate Covered Oreos
Holy cow. If you haven't had these before, I recommend you get off your computer and go buy one immediately. You only need one, they're insanely rich. But they're worth every gluttonous calorie.

Savory Food: Garlic Bagel Chips
These are probably my favorite savory snack of all time. They're so addicting, even though you literally smell like 10 cloves of garlic after you've only eaten a few. Eat at your own risk... and probably not before you have to be around anyone.

Restaurant: DePalma's in Tuscaloosa
I ate at DePalma's two or three times in my last month in Tuscaloosa, and it was the last Tuscaloosa restaurant I ate at before I moved. Sentimental, but also it is the most amazing Italian restaurant, especially for the price.

Starbucks Drink: Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher
So don't worry, I'm still drinking straight espresso every morning, but these have become my second drink of the day. Ask for extra berries!

Candle: Bath & Body Works 'London Calling'
This is one of the B&BW candles that have a travel theme (there are a bunch of different cities), but I was obviously drawn to the London one. It's a lemon/tea blend, & the candle scent description is "delight your mates with a fragrance fit for the Queen. A royal blend of tea, lemon and sugar transport your senses across the pond. No passport required!"

Song: Mike Posner - 'The Way It Used To Be'
Obviously. It's hard for me to not love anything Mike Posner produces. I can't wait for the entirety of his new album to come out! 

I got back into Tumblr recently and have been living scrolling through it on my phone when I'm just passing time. If you have a tumblr, check mine out at!

Person [People]: Hannah & David
I can't believe I had to say goodbye to these two rockstars in Tuscaloosa. Aside from the fact that they ensured I never paid for coffee, they became two of the best friends I had while living in Alabama. I love them both to pieces and miss them both dearly.

I can't believe we are in July and that I'm less than a month away from the bar exam! I'm sorry for falling off the blogging bandwagon, but I promise, we're almost through the woods and I'll be back in action as soon as I can!

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