Thursday, August 15, 2013

Influnester Sunkissed VoxBox Opening & Review

So I know I completely fell of the blogging wagon during & now post-bar... don't hate me. I promise to be back on ASAP, things have just been extremely chaotic! I really didn't have any July favorites for y'all because, well, I didn't have any time to have a favorite anything during the month of July. Sad, but true. So my first post back is going to be a VoxBox opening & review from Influenster. I was super excited to get this box, you know, because of my love of sun and all. So without further ado, here are the products I was sent!

Olay Fresh Effects {BB Cream!} Skin Perfecting Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 15
Wow. That's a mouthful. I have just been calling it the Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream when I refer to it in conversation, for what it's worth. But as a product, I'm super impressed! The shade I was sent is fair/light, which is not normally one I would pick up for myself but I think it is the right shade to bring a brighter look to my skin (there are only two shades - the other is light/medium). It is super lightweight and provides a nice, bright, even coverage. I wouldn't say its very full coverage, but it's nice to throw on when running out the door. The product claims to be an "all-in-one skin perfecter, sunscreen, and tinted moisturizer". I won't be replacing my LUSH moisturizer with this, but I will definitely be throwing it into my BB Cream rotation. It retails for $12.99 and can be found at drugstores or wherever Olay products are sold.

Sinful Colors Shine Nail Polish with Gel Tech in Skinny Dipping
I'm not going to lie, I'm a brand whore when it comes to nail polish. I've never found cheap nail polish to last on me, but this one was pretty decent (and definitely for the $2.99 price it carries). It goes on thick & opaque, which sometimes makes it hard to manage but also allows it to last longer. This line is available at Target and most drugstores except CVS (not sure why). I didn't manage to take a picture with it on my nails, but a good swatch of it can be found here.

Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics
These are the hair ties that everyone has been coming out with that are basically just elastic ribbons tied in knots at the end, and finally someone came out with reasonably priced ones. They're awesome and don't leave kinks in your hair (which is my biggest pet peeve with hair ties). They also stay well in hair (obviously a big requirement for a hair tie). These are priced between $3.99 - $4.99 for a pack of 5, which is an awesome price compared to what some of other brands and boutiques have been selling them for. I highly recommend picking up a pack.

Dr. Scholl's [For Her] High Heel Insoles
Okay, I'm not gonna lie, I was skeptical of these when I saw these in the box. They are shoe inserts that are made specifically for heels. They say any kind of heels that are 2 inches or higher, but I would for sure only put them in pumps where they couldn't possibly be seen. While I definitely think they will take some getting used to, they certainly make my nude work pumps a lot more bearable! Not sure that I'd buy a set for every pair of heels I have but who knows, I might be singing a different tune soon!

And those were all the products in this edition of VoxBox! Thank y'all so much for your patience with me and hopefully with more time and college football season starting, I'll be in full swing again very soon!

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