Friday, September 13, 2013

August 2013 [Beauty & Fashion] Favorites

Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Icon (get it here!)
This is undoubtedly my new favorite lip product. It is a beautiful blue-red and has become my new go-to red lip color. Every time I've worn it, I've gotten a ton of compliments, and it is the perfect red shade to go with pretty much any skin tone. I highly recommend it!

                              YSL Rouge Volupté Shine in Fuchsia in Excess (get it here!)
So I now have 9 YSL lip products. Don't do the math on that, it isn't pretty. But I really wanted a good pink color to transition me from summer to fall and this one turned out to be perfect. The Rouge Volupté Shine line is in-between the Sheer Candy and Lipstick in terms of pigmentation. It's described as bright luminous pink and the color payoff is great. I can't recommend YSL enough as my favorite lip product brand (obviously, I'm an addict).

Marc Jacobs Beauty Magic Marc'er Precision Pen (get it here!)
I used to be so anti-liquid liner because I was nowhere near coordinated enough to put it on without drawing all over my face. However, I started using felt-tip liquid liner, which was a game changer, but I only used drugstore felt-tip liners because I wasn't wearing it enough to spend a lot of money on it. I wore the NYX Super Skinny Marker and Jordana FabuLiner, both of which worked great (especially for the price). But when I heard the rave reviews about the new Marc Jacobs liner, I had to try it. Let me just say it completely exceeded my expectations. It comes out as black as you can even imagine, the felt tip is extremely precise so you can make as thin or thick of a line as you want, and it literally stays on all day. I wore it for over 15 hours and it didn't budge. I couldn't be happier with this liner and it has become a staple.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Honey (get it here!)
Dare I saw my Bobbi Brown Corrector might be getting replaced, or at least some competition? I tried this concealer when it first came out, but I thought it was too heavy and didn't give it another thought. However after reading a lot of reviews on how amazing it was, I gave it another shot and realized I had just chosen the wrong shade (what a rookie mistake), and now I love it. It is the perfect concealer for all-over, not just under eyes. Make sure you go test shades out under your eyes and on your face to make sure you get the right one. A very little amount goes a long way!

OPI Nail Polish in 'Haven't The Foggiest' & 'Peace, Love, & OPI' (get them here!)
These are two of the four colors I bought from the OPI San Francisco collection. 'Haven't the Foggiest' is a metallic silver, and it goes on completely smooth in one coat. I haven't seen a color like this in a really long time, and the formula was fantastic. I definitely think it's a color that can be worn year round. The other color, 'Peace, Love, & OPI', is a beetle-esque color that leans greenish-purple depending on whether or not it's in direct sunlight. Essie came out with a very similar color to it in their newest collection, but I'm always partial to OPI's formulas. 

Rubbish Shrunken Military Bomber Jacket in Gray (get it here!)
I am absolutely in love with this jacket. Rubbish has quickly become one of my favorite brands (sold at Nordstrom), and I bought this jacket on sale during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for 40% off. So worth it! I've worn it so much recently and I know I'll be wearing it a lot more in the coming fall months. It comes in three different colors (mine is gray, there is also army green and black), and it looks fabulous with shorts or jeans, or even over a cute dress; I've worn it a variety of different ways!

Steve Madden Marcii Wedges (get them here!)
I'm not much of a wedges person, but these are a) really high and b) really comfortable for how high they are. I wore them traveling one day and my feet didn't even really hurt at the end of the day. They pull together a variety of different outfit types and also transition really well from summer to fall. Like I said, they are super high (at least 5 inches), but the platform makes them easier to walk in!

So that is it for my August 2013 beauty & fashion favorites! Hopefully I'll be on a more regular favorites schedule for foreseeable future and you'll be hearing more from me. What have some of your beauty and fashion favorites been over the last few months? Let me know!


  1. Hi, just found your blog! I am obsessed with YSL lipstick and got my first one over the summer...not happy about the price but it is my absolute FAVORITE lipstick I own! Thanks for sharing these! I definitely want to try the NARS concealer :)

    1. Seriously, YSL lip products are my kryptonite. I can't say no!! And I totally recommend trying the NARS creamy concealer, it's amazing!! xoxxx


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