Monday, September 9, 2013

UNDER THE LIGHTS II: Michigan vs. Notre Dame & The End of an Era

So first, let me apologize for being completely off the blogging bandwagon. I want to promise that it will get better (as I have in basically every post for the last 4 months), but I have no idea if that's true. Now that the bar is done, all my energy has been focused on getting a job, which will remain my number one priority until I have one. That being said, I do have some down time in that process, so hopefully you'll get to see some more from me!

Over Labor Day, I was at Duke visiting Ben, so I didn't get the opportunity to post about the first weekend of college football (I know, I know). But I think this post is worthy of my first college football post of the season.

I was so disappointed when I wasn't able to come to Ann Arbor for the first ever night game at the Big House, so there was no way I was missing the next one / the last one of the Notre Dame Rivalry in Ann Arbor. I met three of my best friends & college roommates in Ann Arbor on Friday night for a reunion!

632 does UTL II: Taylor, Me, Jen, & Kell
Saturday morning brought us back to Skeeps for some bloody marys...

Find my iPhone brought us here... 
... and then we spent the entire day tailgating and catching up with friends.

Obi makes it look Ezeh
8:00pm finally came and I walked my happy self down to my Section 18, row 9 seats.

Not even zoomed in, this is what I saw. Incredible.
I was so happy to be back in The Big House for my first Michigan night game, and with such a great outcome, I couldn't have been happier. Granted, it didn't have the same excitement (and terror) of UTL round 1, but I don't know if my poor heart could have taken it. I was a wreck watching the first game from 1,000 miles away.

Final Score: Michigan 41, Notre Dame 30. 


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