Monday, October 21, 2013

Mid-Season Upset Saturday Recap

Holy crap, did I pick a bad Saturday to have a black-tie wedding to attend. Because I was running around getting ready all day and at the wedding all night, I barely watched any football on Saturday and I definitely missed out.

Lets start with the Michigan game. First of all, it looked like a college basketball score. 63-47? Can we not? We were playing Indiana for God's sake. At some point during the game, there was only a one point difference. Why do we always play to the exact level of the team we're against? Why can't we just play like the better team we are, I don't understand. Thank God we won, I don't know if I could have handled another loss.

As for other teams, we can start with Thursday. (10) Miami almost lost to UNC, but ended up edging them out at the very end of the game 27-23. On Friday night, UCF beat (8) Louisville in a game-ending touchdown that took Louisville out of NC contention, and possibly BCS bowl contention. And then came Saturday... starting with (15) Georgia falling to Vanderbilt 31-27 and (11) South Carolina falling to Tennessee 23-21. When I saw both of those final scores, I was floored. What had happened to the two powerhouse teams that started the season? I know Georgia has so many injuries, but it was still shocking. Then there was (6) LSU losing to Ole Miss 27-24, (24) Auburn taking out Johnny Football & (7) Texas A&M 45-41, & (9) UCLA being beaten by (13) Stanford 24-10. But lets not forget the two biggest upset ass-kickings: Arizona State taking out (20) Washington 53-24, & probably the most shocking,  (5) Florida State defeating a very highly ranked (3) Clemson 51-14.

Needless to say, after all of these games and upsets, the rankings looked very different on Sunday morning than they did going into the weekend. The BCS also came out with their first rankings on Sunday night and they ended up looking somewhat similar to the new AP poll.

Things I agree with: Florida State being 2 in the BCS, and the majority of the rankings.
Things I disagree with: Missouri being No. 5 in either poll (who have they played), Texas Tech being ranked No. 10 in either poll (they need to be below Auburn at least, even if they are undefeated), Fresno State and Northern Illinois both being ahead of Louisville, (who have they played), and Wisconsin being ranked at all being a two-loss team. Their losses aren't strong enough to merit a spot in the rankings.

Next week has some promising games: (10) Texas Tech vs. (15) Oklahoma at 3:30, (3) Oregon vs. (12) UCLA at 7:00, (5) Missouri vs. (21) South Carolina at 7:00, and (6) Stanford vs. (25) Oregon State at 10:30. I think that this will be the weekend Texas Tech is brought down, and I would have said potentially the same about Missouri, but South Carolina has for sure looked better.

What games are you looking forward to next weekend? Do you agree with the new polls & first BCS rankings?

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