Sunday, October 13, 2013

Paris Fashion Week: S/S 2014 Ready-To-Wear [Part II]

At last, the final installment of the fashion weeks & the last of Paris! As always, my favorite looks from each collection are pictured first.

John Galliano

John Paul Gaultier


Louis Vuitton

Miu Miu

Nina Ricci

Saint Laurent

Stella McCartney


Vivienne Westwood

Some of my favorites and not favorites surprised me in this group. I really didn't like pretty much anything about Louis Vuitton, other than that I know it was Marc Jacobs' last design for them so he wanted to give it a dramatic funeral effect, which I guess he did. And out of nowhere, I couldn't be more obsessed with the entirety of Lanvin.

Top 3 Favorite Looks
1. Lanvin
2. Nina Ricci
3. Valentino

Top 3 Favorite Collections
1. Lanvin
2. Valentino
3. Saint Laurent

Top 5 Overall Favorite Paris Looks
1. Elie Saab
2. Dior
3. Lanvin
4. Nina Ricci
5. Valentino

Top 5 Overall Favorite Paris Collections
1. Elie Saab
2. Lanvin
3. Balenciaga
4. Valentino
5. Chanel

Which were your favorite looks and collections from Paris? Which fashion week do you like the best? I have to say, I really think I am partial to New York!

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