Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Championship Weekend for The Ages Ends the 2013 Regular College Football Season

What a way for the 2013 regular college football season to end. Championship weekend did not disappoint with the lineup or the games themselves: (10) Michigan State vs. (2) Ohio State for the Big Ten Championship, (1) Florida State vs. (20) Duke for the ACC Championship, (7) Stanford vs. (11) ASU for the PAC 12 championship, and of course, (3) Auburn vs. (5) Missouri for the SEC Championship.

Duke put up a fight in the beginning and Florida State only had a 17-0 lead going into halftime, but ended up losing 45-7, leaving Florida State to secure their No. 1 spot in the BCS & a trip to Pasadena for the National Championship game. Stanford took down Arizona State 38-14, and earned their spot in the Rose Bowl on New Years Day.

By far, the two most exciting games of the day were the Big Ten and SEC Championship games. Auburn vs. Missouri kicked off in Atlanta in dramatic fashion, and didn't stop the entire game. The famous SEC defenses were missing from the field, which made for a fast-paced, high-scoring game. It seemed as if every time Auburn scored, Missouri came right back at them. But the game ended with a 59-42 score and Auburn on their way to the National Championship. That is, as long as Ohio State lost.

The Big Ten Championship was my worst nightmare of a matchup. In a perfect world, a meteor would have just hit Indianapolis and neither team would have won. However, in the real world, I'm always cheering for the team playing against Ohio State. I didn't think it was possible for me to hate an Ohio State coach more than Jim Tressel, but my hatred of Urban Meyer is levels and levels above that. Michigan State took off to a roaring start with a 17-0 lead, but then had 24 answered points handed to them and started to worry the college football (read: the Auburn) nation. But they came back just as intensely as they started, and ended the game with another 17 unanswered, leaving the final score 34-24 and the Spartans headed to play Stanford in the Rose Bowl.

Leaving Ohio State's National Championship dreams and Braxton Miller's Heisman dreams dashed, Urban Meyer is now 0-1 at Ohio State when playing a Top 10 team. See what happens when you actually play someone, Buckeyes? It would have been a travesty to have had them get in over Auburn.

Even though it was a nightmare matchup for me, any team that leaves Urban looking like this gets an A+ in my book.


  1. I'm so thankful for MSU.. Are you coming to AZ for the BWW for Michigan? you should...just saying..

    1. UGH. I wish, I have to work :( I extra wish I was because the kickoff is SO late!!


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