Friday, December 27, 2013

December 2013 [Beauty & Fashion] Favorites

Guerlain 'Crazy Paris - Meteorites' Illuminating Powder (limited edition)
This powder (pictured right) has become my absolute favorite face powder. I didn't think it was possible that it was worth the money, but holy crap it was. It was limited edition with their Paris collection, but they have very similar versions available in their permanent line. I prefer a compact over their famous loose pearls because it's easier to travel with, but if you don't mind the pearls, they're about $10 cheaper!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette (limited edition)
If you don't know about Hourglass's Ambient Lighting Powders, you're missing out. They are beautiful face powders that also can double as a highlight if you choose a lighter shade, and for the holidays Hourglass released a palette with 3 shades in one. I normally just mix them all together and dust it all over my face, but you can obviously use them separately. It's perfect to give your skin a holiday glow. They sell all but one of the colors individually, and they are bigger sized in the original package.

MAC Divine Night Mineralize Blush in Lavish Living (limited edition)
I know, I suck that all my favorites are limited edition. But they're amazing! I can't say enough about this blush. I've literally been using it every day since I got it - it's the perfect fall/winter/holiday blush, as it's a deeper plum/berry color with a bit of shimmer in it.

Revlon Lash Potion Mascara (get it here!)
This is Revlon's latest mascara (I think, don't quote me on that), and I'm a fan. I always try to find good drugstore mascaras because it is the product that you have to throw away the most often and it is not fun throwing a $30 Chanel mascara into the garbage.

OPI Holiday 2013 Nail Polish in 'Visions of Love' (get it here!)
An amazing deep burgundy wine color from the Mariah Carey OPI Holiday Collection. I actually didn't even have a dupe for this in my collection, so if you're looking to grab just one crème color from this line, this is my recommendation!

Sigma F86 Tapered Kabuki Foundation Brush (get it here!)
I can't recommend Sigma brushes enough (they're as good as MAC brushes in terms of quality, but half the price!) and I only use Sigma brushes for my foundation. The one I've been reaching for exclusively this last month is the F86 Tapered Kabuki, and I seriously have never used a better foundation brush. The way the brush is shaped makes applying foundation super easy, and the synthetic brush gives you a flawless finish.

Naked Basics Palette (get it here!)
I was not convinced that I needed the Naked Basics palette until my friend Holly (who is as makeup obsessed as me) told me that she reaches for it literally every day. I trust her judgment, so I went for it, and oh my god was she right. It is the perfect on-the-go palette, with mostly matte shades but with one light shimmer shade to complete an easy, neutral eye look. If you're a Naked Palette virgin and can't pull the trigger on a $52 palette, this is half the price for half the colors! I highly recommend it.

Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue Lip Balm in Too Cool & Soothing Sobert (get them here!)
I love my Maybelline Baby Lips - all of them. I have a ton in the original flavors, and a few in the 'electric' flavors. Maybelline just recently came out with the Dr. Rescue line, which actually has healing properties for your chapped lips, and aren't just tinted lip balms. If you don't like medicated chapstick, you won't like these because you can tell. However, if you do, they're a must! I have the regular clear one and as well as a pink shade.

Parkhurst Mosaic Cape (get it here!)
Incase it isn't already obvious, I have a (faux) fur obsession, and now that I'm back in Michigan where it's actually cold, I get to wear it all the time! I picked up the charcoal gray & black version of this cape (I'm not much into animal print), and it is the perfect outer layer to dress up any outfit. And to top it off, it's under $100!

LOFT Faux Fur Stripe Cable Infinity Scarf (get it here!)
I feel like such a sucker buying this at full price ($60), but that's how amazing this scarf is. It is so soft, huge, warm, and cuddly, and NOW 50% off on LOFT's website. Go, go, go!

BaubleBar Chevron Pendants Strand Necklace (get it here!)
I have been loving my little gold necklaces lately, and this chevron one was a perfect choice to add to my collection. It's more than just a tiny charm, but it's not too overpowering by any means that it makes it a statement necklace. It's a perfect, dainty, gold necklace with a little bit of sparkle to it.

Sole Society 'Deana' Flats (get them here!)
At first glance, you wouldn't necessarily think to try on these shoes because it seems like there is a lot going on with the print, but I seriously LOVE them. They're perfect to add to a plain work outfit, and they're actually super comfortable. Sole Society sells them, but I ordered mine from Nordstrom who also sells Sole Society brand, just because it's much easier to return if you need to get a different size.

BaubleBar Green Leaf Antoinette Drop Earrings (get them here!)
These were my holiday earrings this year. HOW AMAZING are they? I didn't used to be a big earring person because I'm lazy, but more and more designers started coming out with gorgeous ones that I couldn't continue that trend. These were perfect for my Christmas Eve outfit, and are great for a pop of color for any fancy night out.

Michael Kors Cable Knot Arm Warmers in Pearl Heather Gray (get them here!)
With the amount of capes I wear, I am an arm warmer fanatic, and I need to make sure that they aren't itchy. These have definitely passed the test, and they aren't too hot or heavy. Perfect to add to a cape or sweater look.

Can you believe we are at the end of 2013?! Make sure to stay tuned for my 2013 Beauty Favorites!


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    1. UGH I would seriously love that!! We would shop all the time... it could get dangerous.


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