Monday, December 16, 2013

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Bowl Season!

I know most people the best time periods for sports to be the beginning of college football season or the beginning of March Madness, and while both are awesome, to me nothing is better than the start of the college bowl games. I get to make my family do their annual bowl game picks (which my sister does so begrudgingly and chooses based on which state she would rather live in), and there is so much college football in such a short span. From December 21st to January 6th, we get 35 college football games, and below are 35 bowl picks sure to go wrong.

Ben and I have almost all of the same picks (I think we differ on 7 games out of all of them), so we have the same amount of knowledge; whether it's a lot or a little. This excel spreadsheet that the games are all on is one I've been using for 5 years that a friend of mine made for me, which I have not stopped using since he made it. Next to Ben's name there is a column marked 'winner', which is where you type in which team won the game. Once that's entered, the spreadsheet automatically gives a point to anyone who had that team listed in their column of picks and keeps score. It's pretty much my favorite thing ever, and I wish I could use it more than once a year.

What are your picks? Any upsets you're calling? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Happy Bowling & GO BLUE!


  1. yay!! you have ASU to win which is amazing!!! I haven't even picked our teams yet. We should probably get on that soon.

    1. Duh! I think ASU is gonna take down TTech for SURE. <3


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