Thursday, January 2, 2014

December 2013 [Non-Beauty] Favorites

TV Show: Friends
Per the recommendation of my dear friend Allyce, this is the series that I didn't own that I had to. I bought the full 10-season DVD box set as a present to myself (because why not) and am on season three. Never having sat down to watch Friends regularly when it was airing, it is like actually watching it all for the first time (even though I know a lot of what happens). Do yourself a favor and purchase this if you haven't seen the entire series.

Movie: Frozen
This is one of the best Disney movies I've seen in a long time. It was a classic Disney princess film with lots of singing and amazing animal sidekicks. I want to be best friends with Sven the reindeer and Olof the snowman. I highly recommend seeing this - a fun movie for everyone in the family.

Book: Steve Jobs
I have a hard time getting through non-fiction books quickly, so I've been picking this up and putting this down for a few months now. But I really like it and I find his entire life to be so fascinating considering where he came from and where he ended up.

Sweet Food: Peppermint Bark
Seriously, how can this not be your favorite sweet food around Christmas time?

Starbucks Drink: White Peppermint Mocha
I had my first one of these over the month of December (I know, blasphemy), and I loved it! Not enough espresso to have regularly, but it was a great treat.
Candle: Champagne Toast
This is a light and fresh winter candle (because sometimes you need a change of pace from all the heavy, cinnamon and spice ones). It's described as: "pop, clink and sparkle with an effervescent blend of Champagne, juicy nectarine and blackcurrant". If you like Cranberry Pear Bellini or Peach Bellini, they are almost identical. You can almost smell the bubbles!

Song: 'At Last' - cover of Etta James by The Voice's Will Champlin
How a 5'6 skinny white boy can even hold a candle to this Etta James classic is beyond me, but he actually sounds like her on the track. It's insane! Besides Matthew Schuler's 'Hallelujah", I think it's the best performance of the entire season. Download it on iTunes immediately.

iPhone app: Vine
Not new or revolutionary, but I just can't get enough. I could spend hours watching 6-second clips repeatedly.

Person: Rhonda
I started my new job a little over a month ago, and this woman who works at my firm has completely taken me under her wing and become such a good friend of mine. I seriously don't know what I would have done without her.

Happy 2014 everyone!


  1. Can I just say I have never watched friends until about 2 months ago? Now I am OBSESSED! I watch it every night on Nick at Nite! ha

    1. SO GOOD! I hear Season 4 is the best... I'll let you know. I'm on season 3 right now!


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