Wednesday, February 5, 2014

January 2014 [Non-Beauty] Favorites

TV ShowDamages
So Ben and I have been going through this show on Netflix pretty quickly (we're on season 4 of 5 and we started at the beginning of the month), and it's definitely intense but good. There are also only 13 episodes a season, so it's a quick show to get all the way through. And The O.C. lovers, Jimmy Cooper is a main character!

Movie: Frozen
I can't say Frozen twice? No? Tough shit. I went and saw it again with my sister and mom and I loved it even more the second time. Olaf and Sven are the legit best. "Did Elsa build you? YA WHY?"

Sweet Food: Outshine Fruit Bars
So I don't have a sweet tooth per se, I just always want a taste of something sweet to end a meal. It can be a chocolate Andes mint, or a taste of sorbet, but I always crave it right after an evening meal. These fruit bars are only 25-30 calories a bar and taste amazing. Even better, they satisfy my sweet craving after dinner!

Savory Food: Stove-cooked popcorn
Allyce turned me onto cooking popcorn kernels from scratch. She cooks hers in a paper bag in the microwave, but I've been cooking mine over the stove old-fashioned style, & I love it! Her recommendation: top with coconut oil!

Restaurant: Social Kitchen & Bar
Kelly & I met for drinks and appetizers in downtown Birmingham (Michigan, for all of my Alabama readers), and it was awesome. We had amazing martinis (mine was a ginger-infused one and Kelly's had potato chips around the rim), and split a bunch of killer appetizers. My new favorite place for post-work drinks.

Candle: Cranberry Pear Bellini
I've always loved this scent, and it gets re-promoted every holiday season. It's described as "a bright blend of sparkling cranberry, sweet pear nectar and luscious blackcurrant." It is one of my favorites!

Song: "Let It Go" - Demi Lovato
So Demi Lovato sings the single version of 'Let It Go', which is essentially the theme song of Frozen, and I think I like this a little better than the movie version. I listen to it on repeat in my car on the way to work in the morning... yes I'm 26.

I have been checking Temptalia's site religiously these days with all the new makeup coming out. I seriously trust her judgment more than anyone on the internet, and if she gives something an A+ I always check it out. If you don't read her beauty reviews, you should!

iPad App: Any of the On Demand TV apps for my shows
It's awesome that now that I have an iPad that if I want to watch one of my shows on my lunch that I don't need to be in front of my DVR to do it and I can just bring it up on my iPad. CW, ABC, ABCFamily and NBC all have ones that I use.

Person: Kelly
Kell is one of my roommates from college and has been one of my best friends for going on 8 years (how crazy is that to think about Lock?). Now that we are back in the same state, I get to see her more. I'm even going to a Masquerade ball with her!

Can't believe we're all the way through January... 2014 has been a pretty solid year so far!


  1. Oh how I love the B&BW candles! I have the champagne toast fired up in my office now and it smells divine!

  2. OMG I have it in mine too! I don't even light it, I just smell it and sometimes let the fan blow on it because it smells so amazing!


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