Thursday, March 20, 2014

March Madness 2014 + My Bracket

It's finally here, y'all! The best part of the year in sports other than college football bowl season. I normally feel pretty decent going into March Madness in regards to all of my picks, but this year seems to be such a crapshoot. Michigan goes in as a 2 seed, which I think is appropriate. But Wisconsin, who lost to Michigan State in the Big Ten tournament, also goes in as a 2 seed while Michigan State ends up a 4 seed.

Michigan State is clearly under-ranked, and pretty much every sports analyst out there has commented on it. A great deal of ESPN's writers and analysts have chosen them to go all the way, as has President Obama. That bull's-eye on their back, plus the kiss of death by being put on the Sports Illustrated cover (yes I believe in the curse), could seal their fate... which is why I have them going to the National Championship, but losing to Michigan. Yep, a Michigan/Michigan State final. Bruce Pearl and I agree.

Aside from that, don't feel that good about my bracket. But for posterity, here it is:

For anyone that can't read ant-sized font, my final four: Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Michigan.

Good luck everyone, happy March Madness, and GO BLUE!

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