Wednesday, June 4, 2014

May 2014 [Lifestyle] Favorites

TV Show: Game of Thrones
Ben & I just started watching Game of Thrones on HBOGo - which I refrained from doing for a really long time because it didn't really seem up my alley. For the record, it's not, but it is still an incredible show. I've just decided I'm going to buy the boxset of the first 5 books on Kindle too.

Movie: The Lego Movie
So I wasn't as obsessed with this movie as Ben was, but it was still awesome. The twist at the end was amazing (yes, there is a twist in the Lego movie), and it was cool to see how they made the whole thing work. Also, there was a really cute Lego cat that shouted "marry a marshmallow!", which made the whole movie worth it.

Sweet Food: Pizzelle Vanilla Waffle Cookies
These are basically waffle cones in really flat cookie form. They're less than 25 calories each and are so addicting. But they're pretty big even though they're flat, so eating 3 is satisfying and you're still under 100 calories!

Restaurant: Sullivan's Steakhouse - Raleigh, NC
Ben & I went here on my last night in Raleigh over Memorial Day because of the really high reviews it had, and the reviews were spot on. I had an amazing filet and Ben had steak and lobster tail for almost the same price as a steak. Great experience, great atmosphere, and if we lived in Raleigh, I imagine we'd be venturing back the next time we wanted to have a nice dinner.

Starbucks Drink: Old-School Iced Green Tea
I have been doubling up my Starbucks intake these days just to get out of the office and break up the monotony. I will walk down to the Starbucks by my office and get a venti old-school iced green tea, which means there is no water or sweetener in it, just the green tea poured over ice. If you like Starbucks tea, this is definitely the way to get it because it is infinitely less watered down and is legitimately zero calories.

Book: The Husband's Secret
I didn't pick up this book for a while because I though the cover was stupid. I literally judged a book by it's cover. In any event, one of the bloggers I follow reviewed it on her blog and loved it, so I bought it on my Kindle to read while I was in Raleigh for Memorial Day Weekend (that way I didn't need to see the cover). This was a great and very fast read & I highly recommend it - as a beach read or as a new book to add to your list.

Candle: Sundrenched Vineyard by Bath & Body Works
This candle (which I obviously got during a 2/$22 sale), is described as "a full-bodied blend of rich fruit, white wine grapes and French oak recalls an unforgettable day at a family-run vineyard in a tiny Proven├žal village."

Song: '"Am I Wrong" by Nick & Vinz
Nothing to say about this exactly... just really been loving it!

iPhone/iPad app: OpenTable
Not at all a new app, but I've used OpenTable several times this month on my phone and it makes making reservations one of the easiest things ever. If you know what restaurant you want to go to and what time you want to go, you're about 2 clicks away from having a confirmed reservation. It is that easy.

We are in June y'all... where is 2014 going?!


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