Monday, August 4, 2014

July 2014 Lifestyle Favorites

TV Show: Pretty Little Liars
We are in season 5, we still don't know who A is, and I still can't stop watching. It's actually back to getting good now that (SPOILER ALERT) Allison is back.

Movie: Bully
I recently watched this documentary on Netflix and it broke my heart. It basically follows around a bunch of families and kids who have been victims of bullying or lost their lives due to the pain bullying caused them. Even if you aren't into documentaries, I highly recommend watching this.

Sweet Food: Strawberry & Banana Protein Shakes
I've been having a protein shake every morning that I make with protein powder, almond milk, and fruit, and my go-to fruits are strawberry and banana. There is also a version of this at my gym that I indulge in (and by indulge I mean fork over $7 for), but I try and make them at home to save some cash.

Savory Food: I don't know what the answer is to this, but  it is not Kale. Ugh.

Restaurant: 220 Restaurant
220 Merrill in Birmingham used to be one of my favorite places to eat. It had an old-school Italian restaurant feel and amazing food. At the beginning of the year, however, it went under new ownership and was completely gutted and redone. It opened about a week ago and I have to say, I'm thoroughly impressed. The atmosphere was very Miami, which isn't totally my scene, but it looked awesome. More importantly, the food was amazing. If you're in the area, check it out!

Starbucks Drink: Iced Quad Grande Non-Fat Caramel Macchiato in a Venti Cup with Extra Ice
Say that five times fast. It's my go-to reward drink (which I've used this month because my gold star rewards were expiring).

Candle: Turquoise Waters by Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works came out with some frosted-colored candles, so I obviously had to pick a couple up. My favorite one is this aqua-colored one, which smells like "an ocean-fresh blend of bergamot, day lily & sea spray."

Song: Black Widow by Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora
Iggy Azalea is killing it... 3 hits in the span of how many months? Download this right now.

iPhone/iPad App: Stash
This app lets you scan all of your beauty products and it tracks how often you use them & when you should be out of them. It will send you reminders and automatically add products you need to your cart. Read all about it on here.

Person: Ingrid Nilsen
This beautiful girl is someone I've never met, but I've followed on YouTube for years and years thanks to my baby seeeester Holly. Ingrid (aka the famous MissGlamorazzi on YouTube) recently put up a video discussing imperfections and flaws, and opened up to her viewers about her insecurities. I have no shame in admitting that I cried during the video, and as one of her older followers (I'm 26 for anyone who's counting - I think she is around my age as well), I couldn't be more proud of her for being such an inspiring role model to all of the young people that are watching her videos. She's also a role model for me, because this girl looks like she seriously has it together all the time and that she is leading the perfect life. We all need a little reminder sometimes that no one has it completely together and everyone has their good and bad days. If I loved her before watching this video, I love her 10x more now. If you have never watched a MissGlamorazzi video, I suggest you do so immediately.


  1. I can't stop watching Pretty Little Liars either. It's like a guilty pleasure and you'd think that after all this time I would know they aren't going to spoil who A is but I can keep hoping :)

    1. RIGHT?! I've had so many predictions at this point :)

  2. You are the second person to write about that Black Widow song. I had never heard of it before today but I love it!

    1. OMG download it immediately!! It's the catchiest song. I had never heard of Rita Ora until now but she absolutely kills it w/Iggy.


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