Tuesday, September 9, 2014

CFB Week 2: The Big Ten's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I needed a several day break before I was able to compose my thoughts after the most horrific college football weekend of all time. I met up at a bar in downtown Royal Oak with some of my best friends (who are split Michigan / Michigan State fans, heavier on the Spartans). I expected it to be a fun evening of hopefully MSU losing and Michigan taking down Notre Dame in their last meeting for the foreseeable future.

That dream crashed and burned reaaaaaaaaal quick.

The (3) Oregon vs. (7) MSU game started off awesome. Going into halftime, it was 24-18 Michigan State, which no one was expecting. And then, Oregon scored 28 points in the second half while MSU only managed a field goal in the third quarter. What? How? Why? Final score was 46-27, with another black mark on the Big Ten's already scorched record.

If you thought that was bad, you obviously were not watching the Michigan vs. (16) Notre Dame game. It was one of the most embarrassing showings I've seen Michigan put up in a very long time, and I was at the 2007 Appalachian State game. My sister drove me to the bar and asked me if we really had to stay for the whole game if it was a blow out. I looked at her like she was crazy and assured her that wouldn't be the case. Ha.

I don't even know what to think about what happened in that game. The worst part about it? Michigan had won 6 out of the last 8 games the two teams played against each other, yet Notre Dame fans are only going to remember (and only talk about) this one for God knows how long. I'm also not that pumped about the fact that Brady Hoke stuck it to the fans for not "supporting the team" after the horrific loss. Uh, you snapped a 365 game no-shutout streak (the longest in the nation, might I add) with your 31-0 loss. We don't have to be supportive this week.

After the Michigan loss, I couldn't even enjoy a (8) Ohio State loss to unranked Virginia Tech, who outscored the Buckeyes 35-21. Although, I can enjoy it now. Suck it, OSU.

As for the rest of the Big Ten: while they didn't actually, (19) Nebraska almost lost to McNeese State. Who, you ask? McNeese State. I bet you 95% of you have no idea where that is, and over half of you didn't even know it was a school. I fell into both of those categories, and incase you're curious, it is located in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Then there's also Illinois who almost lost to Western Kentucky, Purdue who did lose to Central Michigan, Minnesota who only beat Middle Tennessee by 11 points, Iowa who beat Ball State by a measly 4 points, and Northwestern who lost to Northern Illinois by over a touchdown. The proud moments of our conference on Saturday were (18) Wisconsin taking down Western Illinois, and Penn State defeating Akron. Typing that sentence made my heart hurt.

My law school friends would be pissed if I didn't mention (2) Alabama's win over Florida Atlantic 41-0, which was called with 7 minutes left due to lightning. Consider it mentioned. Then there was the (13) Stanford vs. (14) USC game... where USC coach Steve Sarkisian texted USC athletic director Pat Haden to come down and yell at the refs for throwing a flag on Sarkisian for unsportsmanlike conduct and then ejecting a player for targeting. I've been watching sports for a long time, and an athletic director coming down onto the field to visibly fight with referees has to be unprecedented. He's also on the Playoff Selection Committee, which raises a handful of other questions (like, should he be on it?). Ultimately, he was sanctioned $25,000, which everyone involved seems to agree is fair.

This weeks rankings came out on Sunday, which pushed Oregon to No. 2 ahead of Alabama, moved USC to No. 9, Virginia Tech to No. 17, and Ohio State to No. 22. Nothing else of note really happened, although somehow Notre Dame moved up 5 spots for beating an unranked Michigan...

As for games next weekend... we're looking even bleaker than we looked last week.

(6) Georgia at (24) South Carolina: 3:30pm on CBS
(12) UCLA at Texas: 8:00pm on FOX
And if you're really bored...
Tennessee at (4) Oklahoma: 8:00pm on ABC
Alabama plays Southern Miss at 3:30pm on ESPN2 & Michigan plays Miami (OH) at 3:30pm on BTN. Can't even say with confidence that Michigan should be fine. I don't know what to think anymore. After 2007, no game is safe. But as always...
PS: I made up for some of my weekend football woes with an amazing Lions victory against the Giants in the season opening Monday Night Football game in Detroit. It was awesome. #motorcitykitties #importedfromdetroit


  1. I love your recap on all things college football. I thought about doing a recap of everything. This past weekend was the weekend to it.

    1. Uh yes, and embarrassingly so :( --- but thank you pretty girl!!


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