Wednesday, September 17, 2014

CFB Week 3: The Most Boring Week of College Football

Even with some upsets that happened this weekend... let's be real. It was boring. No huge games were on, and College GameDay even ventured to North Dakota State (although to be fair, they put on quite a show there).

No. 3 Alabama stomped Southern Miss (as they should) 52-12, and thankfully Michigan defeated Miami-Ohio 34-10 after a very rocky start. However... there were definitely some shakeups.

No. 6 Georgia fell to No. 24 South Carolina 38-35... although somehow Georgia is still ahead of SC in the rankings? But in true Georgia fashion, they just couldn't get it done against the Gamecocks. In other upset news, Boston College took down No. 9 USC in a 37-31 upset that shocked the entire country. Virginia also took down No. 21 Louisville 23-21. But as far as the Big Ten is concerned, the biggest upset of them all was probably East Carolina defeating No. 17 Virginia Tech 28-21, after an unranked Tech took down a then-ranked No. 8 Ohio State the week before. That pretty much made everyone scratch their head and wonder how bad Ohio State and the Big Ten really are. Not sure if I want to know the answer to that.

Of note, Florida also casually held off Kentucky in TRIPLE OVERTIME to keep a 27-game win streak alive against Kentucky. It seems like Muschamp's days at Florida are numbered if he can't even hold it together against Kentucky.

The rankings didn't change all that much, and the top 5 is still the same. Looking into next week, we have some really good games coming up, and I'm excited to spend my Saturday watching football.
Thursday 9/18:
No. 5 Auburn at No. 20 Kansas State - 7:30PM on ESPN

Saturday 9/20:
Utah at Michigan: 3:30pm on ABC/ESPN2
Florida at No. 3 Alabama: 3:30pm on CBS
No. 8 LSU at Mississippi State: 7:00pm on ESPN
No. 22 Clemson at No. 1 Florida State: 8:00pm on ABC
College GameDay is headed to Tallahassee for the Florida State vs. Clemson game, which sucks since they've already covered an FSU game this year. If the Auburn/Kansas State game was on Saturday, I think they would have gone there, but they can't do it for a Thursday night game. Either way, should be interesting to see the way that this Saturday shakes out.
And as always, GO BLUE.

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