Monday, September 22, 2014

CFB Week 4: "Wait, You Were Serious About That Suspension?"

Clearly, week 4 felt the pressure of week 3 being the most boring week in college football & really stepped up its game, giving me plenty to discuss with y'all today.

Let's just get the Michigan loss to Utah out of the way... people up and down the board were calling this and it made me sick to my stomach. Devin Gardner threw two interceptions, & when we pulled him & put Shane Morris in, he threw one too. Then there was a pretty large rain delay, but it didn't make any difference: we were already sunk before the Michigan field was.

As for the rest of the country... (3) Alabama took down Florida 42-21 after a 21-21 halftime. Saban obviously went into the locker room, threw a massive fit, and the boys came back out actually ready to play football. (2) Oregon almost lost to Washington State & I stayed up until the end of the game at 2:30am because I thought it was going to happen. It was 31-31 until about 5 minutes left in the game when Oregon scored, giving them a 38-31 victory over WSU.

Then there was the (1) Florida State vs (22) Clemson game. First, for those of who you have been living under a rock the last week, FSU Quarterback Jameis Winston was initially suspended for the first half of the Clemson game for getting on a table in the Florida State student union and yelling obscenities about women. Brilliant. Then, after what seemed like some intense media pressure, Florida State suspended him for the entire game as of late Friday night, and Jimbo Fisher cancelled his interview with College GameDay.

As for the game, let's start with the fact that Winston came onto the field during warm-ups, fully dressed in uniform and pads.
Then the following interaction ensued with Winston and Fisher:

You can clearly see that Jimbo Fisher is not amused by any of this, and promptly sent Winston back into the locker room. It was literally like Jameis came out and said to him, "oh wait, you were serious about that suspension, Coach?" In any event, the game went into overtime at 17-17, but Florida State came out on top 23-17, even without Winston leading the pack.
The Mad Hatter Les Miles and (8) LSU fell to Mississippi State on Saturday 34-29, in what was almost the most insane comeback of all time. LSU scored 2 touchdowns in 19 seconds during the last few minutes of play, and had they recovered the last on-side kick, there is a good chance they would have won that game. I know at least a few people that are beyond excited about this win (hi Casey & Zach!).
This is one of the weirdest sentences I've had to write about sports... but the Big Ten's redemption effort started this weekend when Indiana beat (18) Missouri (who for those following along at home, is now in the SEC), 31-27. Indiana, who hasn't beaten a ranked team since 2006, and who hasn't beaten a top 20 team on the road since 1987. Yes, Indiana was the Big Ten's saving grace this weekend. We're in real trouble, but so is Missouri after that horrific loss.
As for the craziest game of the weekend, Arizona came back to defeat Cal 49-45 after scoring 36 points in the fourth quarter and winning on a last-play Hail Mary. Legitimately insane:

What an awesome weekend of college football... minus, you know, my team.
There are tons of games to watch next weekend, and one even starts at noon on Saturday! I realize that the Michigan game is on this list and while no one considers them good, I'm always going to list them. Plus, you can watch us continue to implode, which most of the country enjoys anyway. I'm especially interested inthe UCLA/Arizona State game on Thursday night, which is the only ranked vs. ranked match-up all weekend. But since it's on a Thursday night (again), CGD is headed to Columbia for the Missouri/South Carolina game.

Thursday September 25
Texas Tech at (24) Oklahoma State: 7:30pm on ESPN
(11) UCLA at (15) Arizona State: 10pm on FOX Sports 1

Saturday September 27
Tennessee at (12) Georgia: 12pm on ESPN
Arkansas at (6) Texas A&M: 3:30pm on CBS
Minnesota at Michigan: 3:30pm with regional coverage on ABC or ESPN2
(16) Stanford at Washington: 4:15pm (channel unknown)
Missouri at (13) South Carolina: 7pm on ESPN
Oregon State at (15) USC: 10:30pm ESPN

GO BLUE (and no Roll Tide this weekend - Alabama has a bye!).

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