Tuesday, September 2, 2014

We're Baaaaaaaaaack! College Football Season Has Officially Started

There are a million reasons why fall is my favorite season: the cooler-but-not-cold temperatures, fall fashion (see: riding boots & oversized sweaters), pumpkin spice everything, dark nails, the leaves turning bright shades of red and yellow, the Franklin Cider Mill... I could go on and on. Literally. But one of the biggest reasons is because it means we are back into college football season, which is by far my favorite sports season of the year. Even with the World Cup this past summer and Duke winning the NCAA Lacrosse Championship this year, the last 8 months have just dragged on for me sports-wise, so I could not be more excited to spend my Saturdays in front of ESPN.

Because I made a promise to an apparently very loyal reader, I will be doing my best to be blogging once a week about the happenings of college football during the season (likely on the Monday or Tuesday after the games). Cut me a little slack if it comes later in the week, since I do play a lawyer in real life and while I would love to write fulltime, it doesn't pay bills.

In any event, college football kicked off with a bang this weekend with No. 21 Texas A&M completely annihilating No. 9 South Carolina 52-28. I think very few people saw that coming, myself included, but it was an amazing start to what's sure to be a very surprising season (as always). A&M's starting quarterback Kenny Hill broke the school record for single-game passing yards, being the first in school history to break the 500 yard mark. If A&M fans were worried about the loss of Manziel, I think their worries have likely subsided after this past weekend.

As for Saturday's notable (or not so notable) games... Michigan (thankfully) claimed redemption against Appalachian State by winning 52-14 in Saturday's matchup, although I'm even hesitant to call it redemption. After watching replay after replay all week about the 2007 Appalachian State game, I don't know if anything will ever redeem us from it. Even Wikipedia featured the game as one of their 'Articles of the Day' last week. Either way, we won and can move onto focusing for our final scheduled Notre Dame matchup next week.

No. 2 Alabama had what some would call a 'scare' against West Virginia, only squeezing out a 10 point victory 33-23. I think the most worrisome thing about that is Quarterback Blake Sims had a great game... which was supposed to be Alabama's weak spot. Todd Gurley and No. 12 Georgia rolled right over No. 16 Clemson 45-21, while No. 14 Wisconsin, in unfortunately standard Big Ten fashion, blew a 17-point lead and allowed No. 13 LSU to score 21 unanswered points to win their 46th non-conference regular season game in a row. That is some serious Les Miles magic.

And the College GameDay game of the weekend was No. 1 FSU up against unranked OK State. It really confused me that CGD didn't pick Georgia/Clemson or LSU/Wisconsin, but I guess they wanted the pre-season No. 1 team as their first stop of the year. The game itself didn't disappoint, but that's because OK State played to win... and almost did. FSU squeaked out a 37-31 victory, but in my opinion, that's only because OK State fumbled the ball at the 6 minute mark. I think that was the turning point in the game and if that hadn't happened, we would be looking at a new No. 1 team this week.

CGD is heading to No. 3 Orgeon vs. No. 8 Michigan State next week in Eugene, which I think could really be an awesome game and is definitely the best place for CGD to head next. Most of the other games are pretty wimpy week-2 games, but here are the great games to watch next weekend (and the times/channels that they're on for easy access):

No. 8 Michigan State @ No. 3 Oregon: 6:30pm on FOX
No. 15 USCNo. 11 Stanford: 3:30pm on ABC/ESPN3
Michigan @ Notre Dame: 7:30pm on NBC
Virgina Tech @ No. 5 Ohio State: 8:00pm on ESPN
Unfortunately, we seem to be really lacking in the noon-game area... but don't make any plans Saturday night because we have a game for you on every channel.
Until next week... GO BLUE.

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