Sunday, October 5, 2014

CFB Week 6: The Greatest Upset Saturday of All Time

Well, we knew it was going to be a great weekend with six ranked versus ranked games, but I don't think anyone could have predicted the results that unfolded. TEN ranked teams fell in a span of two and a half days, and freaking Katy Perry was the only person to pick Ole Miss over Alabama on College GamedDay. Jesus Christ.

I think this picture depicts a summary of the weekend nicely:

A quick summary of the fallen since if I went through it all, we'd be here until tomorrow:

(2) Orgeon fell to Arizona on Thursday night, starting upset weekend off in the right direction. (3) Alabama fell to (11) Ole Miss in the middle of their two-minute drill wherein they threw an interception in the end zone to lose the game. (4) Oklahoma fell to (25) TCU, (6) Texas A&M fell to (12) Mississippi State (which marks the first time that Ole Miss and Mississippi State have both beaten top-10 opponents in the same day), and (8) UCLA lost to Utah. AND THAT'S JUST THE TOP TEN.

(14) Stanford lost to (9) Notre Dame on some horribly mismanaged clock skills, (15) LSU went down in dramatic fashion to (5) Auburn, (16) USC fell in even more dramatic fashion to Arizona State on a last-second Hail Mary and (17) Wisconsin jumped on the "make the Big Ten look awesome" bandwagon and lost to Northwestern via 4 interceptions. Rounding out the Top 25, (18) BYU lost to Utah State on Friday night, and (19) Nebraska lost to (10) Michigan State. WHAT?! What do you even do with all this information?

Not that anyone is surprised at this point, but Michigan lost to Rutgers 26-24, and the imploding continues. Ben asked me towards the end of the game why Brady Hoke wasn't wearing a headset because it seemed like an important time for him to be giving his input. When I promptly responded that he chooses to never wear a headset, he was shocked and asked how he was even a coach because he couldn't possibly call plays without a headset. Welcome to my life, Benjamin. Also, making it an even shittier day to be a Michigan fan, how is it that ten ranked teams fall and Michigan State and Notre Dame are not in that ten? So annoying and frustrating. Not to mention that Ohio State dominated Maryland earlier in the day.

I don't even know who deserves to be ranked these days... my quick thoughts on a top five would be Auburn (they absolutely deserve this over FSU), Florida State, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and Notre Dame (ugh). Right now, I really think Auburn is the best team in the country and they have the hardest road ahead of them by far. This is an insanely interesting week of Fire, Marry, Kill... so many to choose from for two of the categories. I'm just going to stay clear of Michigan because I could put Brady Hoke in the fire category every week. 

FIRE: Lou Holtz
I mean, he is insanely old and incoherent, but Saturday, he called Ameer Abdullah "Ameer Mohammad" multiple times.  Wut?

MARRY: Bo Wallace
He was freaking adorable after the win against Alabama and even though I was obviously sad to see Alabama lose, this guy played his heart out. Plus, he was even stopping to take selfies with Ole Miss frat bros after the win. 

KILL: Katy Perry
I cannot stand her and she reminded me why when she was chosen to be the guest picker on College Gameday this week. She wore the most absurd outfit and hairstyle, and sounded like an idiot (aside from her clearly coached LSU corn dog joke). Katy, you do not belong anywhere near a College Gameday stage. Goodbye. 

Also, Ben and his never-ending wealth of knowledge informed me that Katy Perry has a cat named Kitty Purry. As he indicated, if I liked her that would probably make me love her, but since I can't stand her, it makes me loathe her. 

Well, there is no way next week's football will be good as this weekend's was. But here are the games to watch that will attempt to live up to the hype:

(13) Georgia @ (23) Missouri - time/channel TBA
(2) Auburn @ (3) Mississippi State - 3:30pm on CBS
(9) TCU @ (5) Baylor - 3:30pm on ABC/ESPN
(12) Oregon @ (18) UCLA - 3:30pm on FOX
(7) Alabama @ Arkansas - 6:00pm on ESPN
(3) Ole Miss @ (14) Texas A&M - 9:00pm on ESPN
USC @ (10) Arizona - 10:30pm on ESPN2

So we have five ranked versus ranked games, and two unbeatens will fall at a minimum. Michigan is also playing Penn State "Under the Lights" at The Big House at 7pm... but I just get depressed writing about them at this point. What is there to even say now? But just wanted to throw the information out there.

Go Blue & Roll Tide, y'all

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