Monday, October 13, 2014

CFB Week 7: The Battle of the Rankeds - Round 2

Well, some top 25 teams were going down in round 2 of the ranked vs. ranked, and while this weekend wasn't quite as entertaining as last weekend, it didn't disappoint for some good football.

The biggest showdown was (2) Auburn against (3) Mississippi State, which was an insane game to watch. Auburn's first two plays were turnovers that resulted in Mississippi State touchdowns, and they did not help themselves at all for the rest of the first quarter. MSU ended up winning 38-23, but not without some help from the officials.  
(3) Ole Miss made a believer out of the doubters (myself included) and took down (14) Texas A&M 35-20 at Kyle Field in front of the largest crowd ever at an SEC game. (7) Alabama narrowly escaped Arkansas 14-13, living to see another one-loss day, and causing Arkansas coach Bret Bielema to tear up in his post-game press conference. And that's how you know you're not an elite coach. Can you imagine Saban crying at a presser? Uh, no.

In what was an insanely shocking turn of events, (5) Baylor scored 24 unanswered points against (9) TCU in a completely avoidable loss by TCU. They had the option to punt or go for it on 4th and 3 with a little over a minute left in the game, and after two timeouts, Gary Patterson decided to go for it. They obviously did not make it, and Baylor scored a game-winning 28-yard field goal (and their kicker's career-long was 29 yards). 

As for the rest of the games... Duke defeated (22) Georgia Tech 31-25 in a pretty surprising upset. (12) Oregon took down (18) UCLA 42-30 and (13) Georgia, without Todd Gurley, still managed to defeat (23) Missouri 34-0, which is absolutely crazy to me. Although I suppose that Missouri did lose to Indiana... not exactly the world's best track record this season. The night capped off with a USC win over (10) Arizona when Arizona's kicker missed a potential game-winning field goal with three seconds left. I'm personally pretty happy with this, because I'm so sick of Rich Rod talking about how he was the best thing that could have happened to Michigan football.
On an unrelated note... Michigan broke their 3-game losing streak and defeated Penn State 18-13, keeping their bowl game hopes alive (considering we're likely going to lose to MSU & Ohio State, we have to win every other game we play).

FIRE: The referees officiating the Auburn / Mississippi State game
I'm an Alabama grad so if it's coming from me, you know it was some shady shit. Auburn did not do itself any favors on Saturday, but the referees were Mississippi State's best players after the first quarter. They missed a blatant horse collar on MSU and on the same play instead called pass interference on Auburn, bringing back a 68-yard run. They also called illegal touching on Auburn, negating a touchdown and forcing a loss of down instead of replaying it. There were a handful of other 50/50 plays that all went MSU's way. Watching the game with a diehard Auburn fan was not my favorite activity.

MARRY: Devin Gardner
I know he hasn't had a stellar season & didn't have a particularly amazing game, but he really rallied as a team leader last night. He played on an injured ankle (although Michigan probably shouldn't have allowed that) and proved himself to be a great motivator and player for the Wolverines. I loved seeing his energy last night, and how it helped carry my team to a win.

KILLVerne Lundquist
Not really for any particular reason... other than that I cannot handle listening to that muppet on national television when I could for sure do an infinitely better job than him. If you aren't sure of something, you don't open your mouth and say it to millions of people live on TV. Those are the rules.

Also, let's discuss this week's new rankings. I believe Auburn deserves to be the best one-loss team in the rankings (which they are in the AP), but explain to me how Georgia moved from 13 to 10 by beating Missouri... WHO LOST TO INDIANA and after losing to South Carolina... WHO LOST TO MISSOURI AND KENTUCKY. Georgia does not even really deserve to be ranked in the top 25, much less the top 10. A few teams in the SEC are obviously good, but the East blows. That is a fact.

Next week has another unbeaten going down... leaving our total at a max of five (the Mississippi schools, Baylor, Marshall, and either Notre Dame or FSU). Here are next week's games to watch (5 more ranked versus ranked):

(14) Kansas State @ (11) Oklahoma: 12pm on ESPN
(21) Texas A&M @ (7) Alabama: 3:30pm on CBS
(10) Georgia @ Arkansas: 4pm on SEC Network
(15) Oklahoma State @ (12) TCU: 4pm on FOX Sports 1
(5) Notre Dame @ (2) Florida State: 8pm on ABC
(23) Stanford @ (17) Arizona State: 10:30pm on ESPN

I'm predicting Oklahoma, Alabama, Arkansas, TCU, Notre Dame, and Arizona State (picks sure to go wrong at this point).
Go Blue & Roll Tide.


  1. Whoa!! Taking shots at my coach not cool... Hahaha.. I'm good either way if we keep him or not.

    1. hahaha I took shots at a lot of coaches... which one? Rich Rod?


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