Tuesday, October 21, 2014

CFB Week 8: & Then There Were Four

Week eight has come to a close and we are down to four unbeaten: Florida State, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, and Marshall. With Mississippi State and Ole Miss playing each other later in the season, the most we'll have is three at this point. Will Marshall make it into the playoff with an undefeated season? (My guess is no).

Teams who definitely won't make it into the playoff are (4) Baylor who fell to West Virginia 41-27 on Saturday, and (21) Texas A&M who was shut out by (7) Alabama 59-0. (14) Kansas State defeated (11) Oklahoma by one point, 31-30 (making Auburn's win over them look even better), and (12) TCU dominated (15) Oklahoma State 42-9.

FIRE: Kevin Sumlin
Holy moly. First shut-out in his career, and a 59-0 shutout at that. Not good, dude. Also, A&M's win over South Carolina shows just how bad South Carolina is... and Georgia lost to them. Either way, Kevin Sumlin, you earn the 'Fire' spot.

MARRY: Everett Golson
I know. What's wrong with me. But this guy played his heart out and won the game save the refs not-so-great call. Also, he made two 4th and 18 plays during Notre Dame's two minute drill. How that's even possible, I don't even know. But he killed that game, even if they ultimately lost on a technicality.

KILL: ACC Referees from the FSU vs. Notre Dame Game
And that brings me to the refs. Alright, I get that the game-ending call made by the refs in this game was technically the right call (according to most), but I get the feeling that since it is almost never called, it would not have been called had Notre Dame not been about to take away the ACC's chance of getting into the playoffs. I've also seen some pretty convincing evidence that that Florida State's defenders made the initial contact with the Notre Dame players, making that actually an incorrect call that cost Notre Dame the game. I legitimately hate Notre Dame, and I think that game was stolen from them.
As for Saturday's games, I'm dreading Michigan's game. State fans are literally insufferable and this season will certainly not be an exception considering Michigan's track record. Saturday night is literally an SEC fest, with 3 SEC vs. SEC matchups at 7:15pm. Here are the games, times, & channels to watch:

Michigan @ (8) Michigan State - 3:30pm on ABC
(22) West Virginia @ Oklahoma State - 3:30pm on ESPN
South Carolina(5) Auburn - 7:15pm on SEC Network
(3) Ole Miss @ (24) LSU - 7:15pm on ESPN
(4) Alabama @ Tennessee - 7:15pm on ESPN2
(20) USC @ (19) Utah - 10pm on FOX Sports 1
(14) ASU @ Washington - 10:45pm on ESPN

Roll Tide & Go Blue.

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