Monday, October 27, 2014

CFB Week 9: And Then There Were Three

Not much happened this weekend with the exception of another unbeaten fell this weekend, leaving only three atop the pack. (3) Ole Miss lost to (24) LSU in death valley 10-7, on a controversial decision that I'll discuss below when I fire Hugh Freeze. (10) TCU killed Texas Tech 82-27 (what an insane record-setting score), and (13) Ohio State beat Penn State in double overtime, as did (25) UCLA over Colorado.

FIRE: Hugh Freeze
So, Hugh Freeze. Your team who is in contention for the national championship game for the first time maybe ever, and you're down by three. With :09 left on the clock, they're at the LSU 25-yard line, prepping their kicker for a game-tying field goal that would send them into overtime. But Hugh Freeze's horrible clock mismanagement gets them a delay of game and sends them back 5 yards before their kicker has a chance to get the ball in the air. Freeze called a timeout, and at the end of it, sent their quarterback Bo Wallace out onto the field instead of their kicker, who promptly threw an interception at the 2-yard line. Game. Over. Regardless of Wallace's interception, that was a coaching call and falls squarely on Freeze's shoulders.

MARRY: Les Miles
Poor guy's mom died on Friday at 10pm, and he coached his team to a victory against the number three team in the country. He also gave a pretty awesome post-game press conference. Sometimes, Les Miles isn't as crazy as the grass-eating, clock-mismanaging dude everyone knows him as.

KILL: Mark Dantonio
So I don't really understand what the whole "Speargate" was about (supposedly Michigan players stuck a spear in the middle of Spartan Stadium right before the game), but Dantonio was apparently fucking pissed about it. Not Michigan's finest moment if that's really what happened, but really? It's okay for MSU people to draw on the block M in the middle of campus? And both pranks aside, Dantonio, you're an adult. You're supposed to be above the antics of 18-22 year old boys, not run up the score with :35 left on the clock and say that it's personal. Grow up.

Next weeks games to watch, with College GameDay heading to Morgantown:

(10) TCU @ (20) West Virginia - 3:30pm on ESPN2
(4) Auburn @ (7) Ole Miss - 7pm on ESPN
Arkansas @ (1) Mississippi State - 7:15pm on ESPN
Stanford @ (5) Oregon - 7:30pm on FOX
Oklahoma State @ (11) Kansas State - 8pm on ABC
(14) Arizona @ (25) UCLA - 10:30pm on ESPN
(18) Utah @ (15) Arizona State - 11pm on FOX Sports 1
Alabama is on a bye week and Michigan is playing Indiana... scary thing is, I'm actually worried.

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