Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 2014 Lifestyle Favorites

So these are a bit slacking as I don't have that many new favorites, but I wanted to share a few things I loved in October!

TV Show: Once Upon A Time
Can I do How To Get Away With Murder twice in a row? Because that's what I want to do. But I realized I had never talked about Once Upon A Time on here somehow... which is crazy considering how up my alley this show is. If you know me at all, you know my love for Disney movies and this show is based on Disney characters function in present-day. And right now, they're capitalizing on Frozen and have the whole cast in there (Sven included)! If you haven't seen it, all the seasons are on Netflix!

Movie: Gone Girl
I read the book, but I didn't totally remember what happened until I was watching the movie, which was amazing! The only thing I did not like at all was the end, which didn't match the book's ending whatsoever. It's been speculated that they might leave it open for a sequel? Who knows, but it is definitely worth going to see.

Restaurant: The Fig Tree
This restaurant in Charlotte, NC was named top of almost every list on OpenTable, and has won 'Best Wine in Charlotte' for about 8 years in a row. Also, my southern friends will probably crucify me for this, but they have the  best beignets I've ever had. And yes, I've been to Café Du Monde multiple times; these knock them out of the park.

Book: Invisible by James Patterson
Another James Patterson hit. It's a stand-alone book that I really enjoyed about a serial killer (aren't they all?). This one had a bit of a different twist to it, and it was fast-paced, as all of his books are. I recommend it!

Candle: Autumn by White Barn
My second fall candle (because I mean, Leaves. Duh." It's described as having notes of "dark pomegranate, red delicious apple and juicy fig", which I didn't totally smell until I burned the candle. It is actually a perfect mix of Leaves and Farmstand Apple.

Song: "Centuries" by Fallout Boy
It's crazy that Fallout boy is still making hits. I literally listened to them on repeat during my freshman year of high school. PS: anyone else notice the "I Dream Of Jeannie" theme song tucked in there too?

Person: Lyndsey
One of my friends form law school had a girlfriend move to Detroit a few months ago and she didn't know anyone, so she asked me to show her around the city. Now, after bonding over several drinks (and several bottles of wine), we are having the best time and I'm so happy we were introduced. Hi Lynds, love you!

A special October Favorite... playing with tigers!!

When I went to visit Ben in Charlotte, we were able to go to Myrtle Beach to the TIGERS Preservation Station and play with baby tigers. Obviously, Ben wasn't that into it, but it  has been on my bucket list for legitimately almost a decade. So glad I finally got the opportunity to do it! Plus, are these not the cutest tigers you've ever seen?

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