Friday, November 7, 2014

A Month of Masks: Boscia Mask Medley Review

After Holly told me she bought this amazing mask set from Sephora's Beauty-To-Go and Ingrid (Miss Glamorazzi) raved about one of the masks from this set, I figured I would pick it up and give them a try, especially with winter approaching. The set I bought was the Boscia Multi-Masking Medley, which comes with 4 full-sized mask samples for $18. I don't know if I would say that's a steal, since the samples are marketed as a one-time use mask. You could probably get 2 masks out of each packet because there is definitely a lot of product in there, but the packets are not easy to store because the masks are super gooey. Either way, this is a great way to test out all four masks without much of a commitment to any of them, which is exactly what I did.
I did a mask every Sunday for a month & have gone through all four. The great thing about these masks is they are peel-off: no rinsing required! This is definitely a bonus, as anyone who has done face masks before know how satisfying that peel is.

The first one I did was the Luminizing Black mas, which is meant to detoxify, purify, and brighten the skin. This seems to be the most all-in-one mask that they offer. Honestly, I liked it, but I wasn't wowed by it. There was no noticeable smell and there was no noticeable tingling or cooling effect. This was the only mask that I didn't notice an immediate effect on my skin (brighter, matter, softer, etc.). I normally love black/charcoal products, but this just didn't seem to do anything for me. It didn't do anything negative, but it was pretty much a net neutral for me.

The second one I did was Calming Blue, which I thought would be the worst for my skin as I have oily to combination skin. Usually blue masks are meant to hydrate so I was a little apprehensive. The smell was a bit strange, but that went away after it first started to dry. The main thing about this mask is how incredibly cooling it feels on the skin. If your skin is having a freak out, this would be the one to grab to just calm you and it down. It was very relaxing and definitely the one that surprised me the most. The Calming Blue mask is designed to cool, calm, and instantly hydrate skin, and it definitely did just that. It also didn't over-hydrate my oily skin, which was a pleasant surprise. I really enjoyed using this one.

The third mask I did was the Oil-Control Green, which seems like it was made for my kind of skin. It immediately eliminates excess shine and helps to minimize oil production. My skin was breaking out the week that I used this, so it worked out perfectly. It was definitely the best smelling mask of the four, and it produced a tingling feeling on the skin that was a bit different than the blue. When I took off the mask (I let all of them dry completely which takes about 30 minutes), my skin was noticeably matte. It looked amazing, so I highly recommend this for anyone with oily skin problems, as it really combatted that issue head-on.

The last mask I did was the Bright White mask, designed to visually even skin tone, reduce dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles, and brighten your complexion. I imagine this will be a great mask to have during the winter when your skin is looking a little dull. So it definitely smelled like sunscreen, and I also think it applied the thickest out of the four. It also made my skin feel the tightest out of the four while the mask was on. It definitely made my skin brighter when I took it off, but I wasn't blown away when I was done. However, I'm definitely interested to see how it works on my skin later in the winter. 
My very surprising ranking of the four masks is Blue, Green, White, Black. I was convinced I was going to be in love with the black and hate the blue, but the reverse was basically true (not that I hated the black one, it just didn't do anything for me).

I'm definitely picking up this limited edition set from Sephora, The Art of Multi-Masking Kit. It deluxe sample sizes of all four masks (.7 oz of each, a full-sized mask bottle is 2.8 oz), and it also comes with a brush to apply the mask. Holly applied one of her masks with a brush and said it actually makes a huge difference, so I'm excited to try that. If you're looking for a new face mask, I highly recommend the $18 sample kit because it is a perfect way to experience a variety of different masks and choose the one that works best for you!

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