Wednesday, November 5, 2014

CFB Week 10: Let the CFB Playoff Speculation REALLY Begin

So, before we talk about the weekend's games, the inaugural College Football Playoff rankings came out last Tuesday and gave a very interesting insight into what the selection committee took into account as the most important pieces of the playoff puzzle. The top 25 teams were as follows:

So, just for comparison, Ole Miss was ranked 7 in the AP poll at the time that this came out. It was clear by these rankings that the selection committee really found head-to-head important and didn't seem to be rewarding the teams for their losses (i.e. Notre Dame).

The selection committee reveals its new rankings every Tuesday night, so my posts for the rest of the season will be coming on Wednesday from now on (since the wrap-ups of the week are essentially useless without the new rankings. They could stand to do these on Sunday instead of Tuesday, but such is life).

Last night, round two of the playoff rankings were released:

Notables: Ole Miss dropped from 4 to 11, Arizona State jumped to 9 from 14, and Oregon made it into the top 4. And somehow, Georgia is still ranked...

As far as the games went last weekend...

(1) Mississippi State survived an unranked Arkansas, but just barely. Arkansas led almost the entire game until MSU scored their game-winning touchdown. (2) Florida State also barely survived (25) Louisville, although the score of 42-31 doesn't reflect that. (7) TCU defeated (20) West Virginia 31-30 on a last-second, game-winning field goal to keep their playoff hopes alive. (10) Notre Dame struggled against Navy, but still came out on top 49-39. Rich Rod finally fell off his high horse and (12) Arizona lost to (22) UCLA 17-7, and (14) Arizona State defeated (17) Utah 19-16 in overtime after Utah's field goal kicker missed an overtime field goal. (23) East Carolina fell to Temple 20-10, & (24) Duke beat Pittsburgh in overtime 51-48.

But by far the most impressive and instant-classic-like game of the weekend was (3) Auburn versus (4) Ole Miss. It was an offensive battle for the ages, and it seemed like whoever had the ball last was going to win, with points being scored on every red-zone-reaching driving. That ended up being the case, unfortunately for Ole Miss, as a fumble in the end zone with a recovery by Auburn (explained more below) cost them the game. This game was called an "elimination game" by many, as it likely negated any chance Ole Miss had to be in the final four.

And my F/M/K for the week... 

FIRE: Mark Richt
You just lost to Will Muschamp who is arguably having as bad of a season as Brady Hoke. You don't get to have a job anymore. Those are the rules.

MARRY: Laquon Treadwell
Poor, poor guy. I've never seen a team lose so much on one play in my entire life. Treadwell was dragged down in the end zone at the end of the Ole Miss/Auburn game and had a season-ending injury to his ankle. Not only that, he fumbled the ball in the process and an Auburn player recovered it, costing Ole Miss the game and theoretically their chances at the playoff. This guy really gave it everything he had for his team, and it's heartbreaking to see a player's season end like that.

KILL: Maryland Captains
The Maryland captains refused to shake hands with the Penn State captains at the coin toss after an altercation occurred prior to the game. It's unclear what happened, but there is no need for such blatant unsportsmanlike conduct in the game.

College Gameday is heading to East Lansing for the Ohio State vs. Michigan State showdown. Choosing a team to cheer for this year out of those two is the worst round of "would you rather" ever. Games to watch this weekend (this weeks rankings gave us six ranked versus ranked games):

(12) Baylor @ (15) Oklahoma - 12pm on FoxSports 1
(10) Notre Dame @ (9) Arizona State - 3:30pm on ABC
Texas A&M @ (3) Auburn - 3:30pm on CBS
(7) Kansas State @ (6) TCU - 7:30pm on FOX
(5) Alabama @ (16) LSU - 8pm on CBS
(14) Ohio State @ (8) Michigan State - 8pm on ABC
(4) Oregon @ (17) Utah - 10pm on ESPN

And not really a "game to watch" for most people, but Michigan plays Northwestern on ESPN2 at 3:30pm.

Go Blue & Roll Tide.



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