Wednesday, November 12, 2014

CFB Week 11: Down to the Wire

There were definitely some college football shake-ups this weekend, which meant major changes for the college football playoff. (3) Auburn lost to an unranked Texas A&M 41-38 on multiple game-ending fumbles. (4) Oregon defeated (17) Utah in definitive fashion 51-27. (5) Alabama beat (16) LSU in overtime 20-13 in the most exciting game of the night by far. (6) TCU beat (7) Kansas 41-20, making their argument for a spot in the playoffs as well. (9) Arizona State handedly defeated (10) Notre Dame 55-31. And (14) Ohio State defeated Mark Dantonio and (8) Michigan State 49-37, which I think surprised most of the country.

The CFB Playoff Rankings came out last night, with another new top-4 teams:

Oregon jumped Florida State and TCU jumped Alabama. If TCU wins out, I think they're in. My prediction is that after all is said and done, no SEC team is in the final four thanks to the SEC West cannibalism.

As for my F/M/K of the week...

FIRE: Auburn's Defense
Auburn blew their shot at the Playoff because their defense could not keep it together. It was so atrocious, and it didn't help that the offense had two game-ending fumbles and couldn't keep it together for the last 60 seconds of the game.

MARRY: Logan Stokes, No. 84, LSU
Solely for this glorious moment in football history. For your viewing pleasure:

KILL: Mark Dantonio
He is the reason Urban Meyer thinks he can petition the Playoff Committee to let his team into the top four. Ohio State, just because you beat Dantonio's smug ass, you're not in the running. Bye.

Games to watch this weekend (which thankfully does not include Michigan almost losing to Northwestern, since Michigan has a bye week):
(19) Clemson @ (22) Georgia Tech - 12pm on ESPN
(8) Ohio State @ (25) Minnesota - 12pm on ABC
(14) Arizona @ Washington - 3:30pm on FOX
(16) Nebraska @ (20) Wisconsin - 3:30pm on ABC
(1) Mississippi State @ (5) Alabama - 3:30pm on CBS
(9) Auburn @ (15) Georgia - 7:15pm on ESPN
(17) LSU @ Arkansas - 8pm on ESPN2

Some major playoff implications here for the SEC. Go Blue & Roll Tide.

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